Keeping myself busy.

Last week i had the first VFROC ride out which was in my province but still 80km to the start. On my way there a few spats of rain and when we wanted to start the ride it rained quite hard but after a short wait it stayed dry. We had better weather on the first ride but also way worse but the “season” is officially started.
The Friday before the ride i went to Tilburg to see Devin Townsend at 013.

Not the best picture but a great show from a great artist and person.
I like to stay the night close to the venue when i go to a concert so i don’t have to walk around in my motorcycle gear and can get a few beers.
According to the hotel prices Tilburg might be the place to be but after the concert i couldn’t get a snack because everything was closed.
I stayed at a hostel in de city centre because that was the cheapest option and also closer to the venue as the cheapest hotel that was more then double the price without a breakfast and there where several guests that went to see the same show.
When i got back to the hostel i kept walking to see if there was something open for a snack and i got into a conversation with a Cyprian guy who brought me to the only place where you could get something to eat.
he next day i spoke several people at breakfast and my room-mate for that night who also went to Devin and they all went “how the hell did you find something to eat???” because they all wanted something but i was the only one to ran into a Cyprian guy who walked me all the way to the pizza kebab joint and along the way we had a good conversation. It almost felt like i was on new trip.

The rally seat saga did not end with a new courier.
When i got the mail with the delivery date and time i discovered the reason of failure, i accidentally wrote down my old street name, when i contacted DHL after the first return the lady confirmed the address was correct but it wasn’t and normally the systems run by postal code anyway so it should been possible to arrive here.
Problem is that both streetnames start with “Br” and end with “straat” with some other letters that are the same so an easy made mistake (there is some mindfuck where you can switch all letters between the first and last).
Because i spotted the mistake i changed the delivery to my neighbour who said i always can use his address.
I got the confirmation that the change is accepted and with another day delay it should be delivered…. NOT!!!??? “The company was not open, we will try the next day”???
I was completely fed up with it and wanted to change it to a delivery point after all but that was not possible at that point.
The next day the same story, same remark and very strange also the exact same time but now i could change the delivery. Another confirmation with the opening hours of that company. Su. and Mo. closed so the package was scheduled to be delivered on… guess what… MONDAY AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH.
The world must come to an end soon because i can’t imagine we are able to survive with so many dumb people.
Tuesday it was finally delivered but i had to choose between food and the seat so Wednesday i finally had it in my hands.

After the suspension this also makes the bike higher and i can just reach the ground with the tip of my toes but i will get used to that, you just need one foot on the ground anyway.
The test has to wait because my front sprocket is toast and keep going will destroy my chain too but that’s the next supply issue as i’m already waiting over one and a halve week and i was just too late to call about it today.

I forgot to mention in my last blog that i spotted Bassanti (Itchy Boots first bike) at the convention.

Thing to come:
I have new rotors and brake pads for Ragnarok, just have to source some fork oil to do a much needed front service next weekend.
First weekend of April the emigration convention, the week after the second VFROC ride out, a week later a Truckrun and the weekend after that a minitrip with 1 or 2 nights camping. A proper rally seat test and Bosnia practice plus a test to see if i fixed the microphone for the GoPro, just need to find a fix for the Insta mount for the second angle.

2 Replies to “Keeping myself busy.”

  1. Devin Townsend is one of my favourite artists. Got to see him on his previous tour, also at 013. Just compelling – with Haken opening.

    I recognize what you mention about stupidity. Especially where mail orders are concerned. It mostly ends up all okay, but màn…

    Until the next one!

    Your loyal follower Ron

  2. Lekker bezig blijven Ray, haha we kennen allemaal het verschijnsel bezorgen/ nee/ andere dag/ nee enz enz enz
    Succes ermee, diep ademhalen en weer door ….


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