Just some little things

The paintjob is the biggest thing left for Ecstasy and that have to wait for when the salesmen from Sikkens are allowed back on the road again.
I thought i have two items left but it seems i am smarter than i think and where i thought i changed the connector from the mini compressor but it turns out i made an adapter.
I’ll get to that part later, first the one item what was left.

I wanted an oiler system for the chain because i don’t like carrying spraycans around wasting space on trips and in daily life i mostly think about it too late.
On the VTEC i owned before Ragnarok i had a Pro-oiler which was great but on Ecstasy i like things analog and mechanical, not as fragile in the harsh conditions i may end up in.
After some research i ended up with Osco, it’s a container for the oil with a pump activated by pulling a plunger creating a drip of oil for a few seconds.
You pull the plunger when you pull up at a gas station or just before you get home at a point where the speed is as low as possible and the oil drips on the chain.

Other systems are electrical or vacuum operated and the vacuum operated system drips all the time, even when running idle at a stand still.
Both systems are great because you cannot forget to operate it but fragile, at least for an offroad bike used as it should be.
Last week i went to Purmerend for a fresh set Anakee Adventure on Raganarok and AFS Motorparts is also a dealer for Osco and i get a discount there as a VFROC member.
Normally i order the tyres to mail them to me but i had to be in Rijsenhout which is only 30 minutes from Purmerend.
Had the tyres mounted and took the Osco with me which i installed today.

The most difficult part of installing the Osco is finding the right spot for the container. It needs to be tucked away so it don’t get smashed when you dismount involuntary but reachable to pull the plunger.
After holding it in different places walking around Ecstasy about 3 times i finally found the right place… i hope.

Next challenge is is finding a place to mount the holder for the hose that comes above the sprocket releasing the oil on the chain.
I decided to have him on the front sprocket instead of the rear where it’s mounted mostly.
In the rear the hose and hose holder, bracket if you will, are too exposed.

Hard to see but it’s just behind the roller.

After that i only had to cut the hose to size, fix it in place and put the cover back on.

There was another job but that was in the wear and tear department.
This week i had a flat tyre again. This time no nail or anything why it was obvious why it was flat, it just was.
I just left work but didn’t want to go back so i went on to the nearest gas station. I know they mostly have a coin operated pump but this one needed a Euro for a bit of wind???
No fucking way.
The next was not far away and there it was 50 cents, still a lot for a bit of air but the normal price and we have to thank the assholes amongst us for that. The only reason for this is because some people find it necessary to vandalise the hoses or steel the nozzle.

It got me home and somehow it seems like the air is not escaping in a steady pace.
After installing the Osco i took down the front wheel an took the tyre out.

To find a positive side to it. I used the toolset i put together for the trips and this was just like the rear is had to fix at Jeffrey’s place after the TET a test if the set was complete.
I knew that somethings where missing and i had the patches (thanks to Frank of AFS) but i didn’t have the vulcanising solution yet.
No problem because when i bought the Anakee Wild and the Hyperpro streetbox i also ordered the inner tubes for both tyres.

Getting air in was not how i planned it…

That’s not working any-more.
But i have the 12V mini compressor for the trail repairs and that is where i thought i had to find a place to install a 12V socket.

At least some luck because for some reason i decided to keep the connector on the USB socket rather than cutting it of and fix the wires directly on the battery.
This connector is an universal 12V connector and the same is also on the compressor which i didn’t cut of also like i thought i did.
Only downside is that i have to take of the Bags to take the buddyseat off and get access to the connector next to the battery. Maybe i try to find a way to have it accessible without taking the buddy off but it’s not a lot of work to take the bags off. Something for when i get bored….
Now he’s ready to get dirty again and waiting for paint to finish him but at least he’s now fully functional.

Ragnarok had also some last details to get him completed and the belastingdienst (Dutch IRS) was superfast so i have ordered those last pieces to the puzzle but that’s for another blog when i get them in and have it installed.

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