Just playing around

Last week i went to my mate Jeffrey who also bought a Ténéré to go play in the sand.
We did the TET Netherlands south section together last year with our big bikes, he on a GSA and i with Ragnarok which was fitted with a set Anakee Wild at the time.
Jeffrey’s brother Ward also went along on a Kawasaki Versys.
It went pretty OK but it was clear that heavy bikes on the TET are a hand full but for me it was still just the start of my offroad adventures, not yet knowing if it was just a bit fun or that i liked it.
I think it is clear by now that i do like it. There is some raw footage of that ride on my YouTube channel.

Jeffrey also wanted to do the Belgium TET but he also just bought his first house and moved in the weekend before i planned to ride the Belgium TET.
He didn’t mind i decided to go north so we can do it together another weekend later this year.
Close to his home there are some nice dirt tracks so last weekend i went there to check out his home and have some fun on the tracks.

Also not far form there is the hill in the TET south track and after some rounds on the dirt track we decided to run that one up and down a couple times.
Compared to other countries it’s just a bump but seeing some video’s from riders taking on the TET it has to be more difficult you might think.
Coming from the north you get a bit longer slope with loose sand and then a pretty steep downhill.
Before i did it the first time i checked some video’s to get an idea what to expect and i saw more experienced riders fail on even more suitable bikes than the XT’s, let alone the Crosstourer which is actually a pure touring bike with just the looks of an allroad.
Ward was behind me and he thought i also was going to fail as Ragnarok waggled his tail quite severe but i made it, don’t ask me how…

In the video of my TET south ride in March you saw that i did it in the opposite direction that time and now we went up and down in both directions.
Strangely enough the steep side up is easier than the longer slope but we had fun and it was nice to experience the same part a few times in a row. I learned that the chosen line can make the difference between seemingly afford-less and a struggle (one time i almost ended up in the bushes).
Sadly i pushed a wrong button on the GoPro so that footage was useless.
We also had the intercoms connected and therefore i put some music under the video to not bother you with our chatter.
Also did something new with the in- and outro, let me know if you like it.

2 Replies to “Just playing around”

  1. Gaaf man, erg druk dus pfff pas laat kunnen kijken.
    Maar erg leuk om te bekijken. Iets meer kletsen?? haha

    1. Wie weet de volgende.
      Dit weekend probeer ik een keer niets te doen maar volgend weekend staat er een weekendje offroaden op de agenda.

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