Just another update

I thought i could manage to put the video from last weekend together but i had more footage then i expected, not all useful but just a bit too much for the short evenings and this weekend i was away for the most of it too but there are some things worth mentioning i think.

Last weekend was a preparation for the ScanBaltic trip and it was a disappointing one but very useful at the same time.
The TET Belgium was no offroad but i had a part of the TET south Netherlands to go and that was enough to get a feel for the large luggage setup on Sporherre.
From the late evening on Saturday and whole Sunday it was raining cats and dogs which i didn’t hoped for but that too was a good thing.
What i learned was that i was not finished spending money. I could do with the luggage capacity but i ordered the 4L molle pouch to add to the R80 and i can do without the hoody plus i need to get a smaller diner plate.
The Molle pouch is not for taking more with me but to have some storage for when i buy some food on the way to prepare in the evening at a campsite. Also had a cleat kit come with it because i didn’t like the options for the leg straps and don’t want to move the ones i have for the R40 every time i change between the sets.
I had that one and thought it was not a problem but it just an inconvenience.
Also my gear is not as waterproof as it once was so i also ordered a new rainjacket. I had one but it packs to large so i bought the Rev’it Rain Smock Barrier, the rainpants i have is already a small pakkage.

There is also news from the parts department that where planned. Brakepads and chain set are in and i ordered a set Heidenau K60 Ranger but changed my mind so ordered a set Anakee Wild too, didn’t wanted to gamble with tyres i don’t know.
Like many parts tyres are also a problem so i didn’t cancel the Rangers because both sets where in backorder so i figured that spreading the chances to get some in time with the idea that unfamiliar tyres are always better than no tyres and i need a new set when i’m back anyway.
With the Rangers it was the rear tyre that was in backorder and with the Wilds it was the front but some came in only not enough to fill all backorders and i was to far back in line.
They didn’t leave it with that and sourced a tyre with a dealer in Spain but it would cost me €20 extra or i have to wait until the next delivery with no idea when that will be so the tyres will be in this week. No hurry with the Rangers and i have the tyres i wanted for the trip.

The exhaust is still a problem with delivery dates going back and forth from end of April to 31 May and on to 15 June then back to 4 June an now 11 June so lets see what it becomes tomorrow.
I checked for another but i don’t like the Camel ADV routing and they are just like the HP Corse way too expensive .
Just wait this week if the MIVV will finally do come in and check another option i still have but want to get a quote and options because i want EURO spec to avoid problems on my ways because i’m not riding just in the Netherlands where they just look at dB numbers and not a mark.
Just need an Oil filter (oil i still had from last change because i ordered extra) so in a few weeks i can start preparing Sporherre.

I do have a movie for you guys but not one of my own.
Remember the Dutch ride out with Pedro Mota? Well, he published his version and me and Sporherre are in it so i figured it’s worth sharing here.
You may want to check his channel too.

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  1. Geweldig leuk om te zien, hij maakt leuke video’s. Fun to watch …
    En je staat er goed op man, op het moment …. Davi the crocet hahahha.
    En niet vergeten een leuk verhaal van jou!

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