Just a little wait

The two 6 day work weeks are done, next week i hope to get something going with editing.
The trip was a big success already because i had a blast but it’s keep getting better with mails coming in from people i met on the road.

I am in contact via WhatsApp with a few and received a few e-mails since i’m back which is very nice.
Last week a new subscription to the blogs and a introduction mail with it form one of the side car bikers i met in the hostel in Helsinki, welcome G-P and today from a cyclist i met in Estonia.
He stopped to check if everything is alright when i was standing in a strange place to stop for a picture.

In general i dislike cyclists but you should never generalize as this guy proved by checking out. It’s not just bikers who stop for each other but i guess it go’s for travellers in general and those cyclists i hate are almost always groups who think they’re in the tour the France or whatever big tour and not seldom overweight.
But that goes also for certain motorbikers riding without any consideration for others on the road causing road closures as a result, that are al sorts of bikers on- and offroad.
You have the right to dislike persons and/or groups but remember that often a bad name is caused by a minority and when it’s a rare situation that the majority is behaving bad there are always good people amongst them.

The next event is booked and paid for, next month i go to Discover Overland.
A weekend for and by overlanders with workshops and to share experiences and with my third big trip i think i might be allowed calling myself an experienced traveller.
I probably will learn a lot there and maybe i even can have a positive contribution myself.
Plan is to take the whole week off and maybe do some TET tracks or take the garage floor out because that floor needs some levelling… i will see.

4 Replies to “Just a little wait”

  1. Leuk man dat je veel reactie’s krijgt door je trip. En ik wens je ook alvast veel plezier bij Discover Overland.
    En wat betreft de garagevloer, eerst moet je het iets laten afkoelen hoor, haha.
    Grtz Peter

    1. Vandaag in de tuin gewerkt met ruim 30 graden. Gelukkig nog maar een uurtje werk aan gehad wat ik vorige week niet klaar had gekregen.
      Over een paar weken zal het wel iets minder zijn maar nu is er maar 1 plek waar ik veilig de motor op de schaarkrik kan zetten.

  2. Je kunt nooit genoeg toffe mensen kennen. En alvast veel plezier bij Discover Overland; hou het hoofd koel 😰

    1. Discover Overland is nog een maand, liever dit dan regen om eerlijk te zijn dus hopen op de gulden middenweg met droog en een graad of 23 😇

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