I’m a bad vacationer

Don’t know if that’s a word but if not now it is. I just can’t take it easy.

Due to the European corona status of Macedonia and Kosovo i decided to cross them both in one day. It was not a big distance and therefore it already was in the original sections but with messing up my schedule it could change also.

Biggest challenge was not 1, not 2 but 3 border crossings. Luckily in this part of Europe it is common for motorcyclists to pass the line, otherwise i was not able to do this. All in all it took me less than 2 hours for all 3 crossings. Macedonia was okay but not real special, but i only saw a small part and didn’t had the time to give it a chance. Kosovo had 2 options for my route and the secondary road was a nice road but also no time to see a lot of the country.

Than i entered Albania. The first 20-ish km was highway because the other border-crossings where too much of the route but the first option i got off. Then it took a while to get to the mountains but when i turned on to the SH5…. Oh boy. That road is crazy. Most mountain roads are 10 – 20km long but this one kept going and after each corner a new view.

Problem for not expecting how long this road was going on was my fuel. Getting into “the zone” at some point was also not helping and when the computer said i had only 17km left he decided to give me the finger (– on the display). And then, i guess another 5 – 6 km further there was a gas station. Somehow i keep doing that to myself and having 2 litres extra in the fuel bottles only gives me about 30km extra when i keep it on the safe side.

That gas station was at the end of 5he SH5 but the next part was still nice and inly the last bit was a bit boring. Time to find a place to stay. I ended up just outside of Shkodër not far from the Montenegrin border, just what i hoped for to reach as Montenegro also is red on the European corona map and this might give me the chance to cross that also in one day.

I didn’t. When you like adventure you have to love Montenegro. I’ve been there once with my ex on a fly and drive vacation and she was not happy with every road i choose. This trip i’ve managed to make it worse and it started the first right turn after entering Montenegro. That was not the best road for the early morning but i got up, not without breaking a sweat though. Then i got on a familiar road from the fly and drive vacation which i wanted to do with the bike. This is one of the views why. Further on i met some French bikers, first one but he was waiting for his friends who got behind. That was also the first moment in a long time i saw more than an occasional biker.

after that i got on a nice high speed road through the mountains to the coast ending up in Kotor for a lunch to get some energy for the Kotor serpentine road. But before i got there the XT (not Ecstasy but the GPS) messed up a section. As if he was thinking “you like a challenge? Here you have one). The road of the first right turn but worse.Had to put it in first gear or he wouldn’t stay there, and that was the flattest point.

I ended up spending the night not far from Zbaljak, the doorway to Durmitor national park. But really, Montenegro is too much for this “on the road” blogging. To bring this update to an end, i crossed Bosnia spending the night just before the border with Croatia where i went to the coast to follow the coastal road for a while and i ended up next to the Plitvice lakes where i will taking the day off from riding and trade it for a day hiking. I just end with a few pictures of Durmitor national park…

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  1. Prachtig Ray, geweldige foto’s, wat een uitzichten.
    En ja hoor, je wilt graag een “challange” en dan krijgt je het ook nog, bofkont haha.
    Stay safe.

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