I sold Ecstasy

Since i bought Sporherre Ecstasy has been out of commission.
There was no reason to keep it because he was too nice to use as a practice bike for crazy stunts or whatever and also worth too much to have it destroyed doing that.
Had him for sale before but the end of the year with the winter around the corner is not the best time for selling a bike but when the first full weekend with sun arrived i put him up again and exactly one week later is was sold.
I think i made someone very happy and i’m glad he will be used again, bikes are not for sitting and i’m happy too because Sporherre took a big bite out of my savings account.
That is now back to the minimum i want it to be and even a little over, even after i use more than halve of what i got for it for the next upgrade for Sporherre.

Touratech Suspension WTE Extreme - SET for Yamaha Tenere 700 from 2019
Touratech Suspension World Travel Edition Extreme Set

Yes, a suspension kit that cost more than some people paid for a complete bike.
A week ago i went to JJ Suspension for a consult as i mentioned in the last blog and when he saw Sporherre he already knew what to ask and it was not if i would use it offroad because the mud already answered that one.
It was also clear that the cheaper options would not give me what i wanted out of it.
He had nice models that show the internals to explain how it works and why it is build that way and also the OEM internals of the front suspension.
The only thing he was comfortable to sell me on the cheaper end was Expedition set with just other springs in the front and a rear suspension with less possibilities to change the setup when i change my luggage.

When i put Ecstasy back up for sale i got almost immediate response and Wednesday i had a buyer and a second in line.
That made me comfortable to order the suspension already because the prices went up and down a lot and it was on the low side, glad i did because when i went to the site for the image in this blog it was already up again.
Good thing i had a second in line because the guy who would come for it on Saturday did not show up, we had a nice conversation over the phone and he would sent me a message when he left home for his 1,5 hour drive but there came no massage other than a mail from Marktplaats (the biggest Dutch online market place) that he revoked his offer.
I immediately called the other guy who called for it the day after the first guy made the offer that his girlfriend wanted the bike and they picked it up a few hours ago.
After the first pulled out without a message i did doubt my choice of ordering the suspension before it really was sold but it came out just fine and seeing that the price is already up i’m glad i gambled.
I knew he would be sold and i had still enough money in my savings account but it would make me really uncomfortable until he would be sold.

It was a busy weekend with a tinker day with the VFROC 200km away just around the corner where Ecstasy now lives on Saturday and a volunteer meeting for the MAG on Sunday also 2 hours and 15 minutes away. So i booked a B&B not knowing my weekend would be a bit different.
Last change i want to make on Sporherre are the mirrors. I have the double take mirrors but after long thinking i’m going to change them for a set Rottweiler bar end mirrors with an adapter to mount them on the Barkbusters and the possibility to fold them in.

Rottweiler Performance Mirror Mounts (WITH RALLY-MOTOR ARROW MIRRORS )
Yes, the same orange as the levers

They are already ordered too and as of now it’s time to start saving up a bit and just ride and do normal maintenance.
Until the next one…

6 Replies to “I sold Ecstasy”

  1. Prachtig dat het gelukt is met de verkoop van Ecstasy. Dat geeft weer wat ruimte €€€€ en zoals je zegt; nu eerst maar eens sparen haha.
    Succes Ray, weer een mooi verhaal.

    1. Bedankt, wel een opluchting.
      Gewoon onderhoudt gaat wel door en volgende maand is het ook tijd voor een grote beurt voor Ragnarok. Olie is al gedaan en kleppen is een kwestie van tijd maar ik hoop dat ik ergens betaalbare bougies kan vinden.

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