I am very ashamed

Last Friday on my way home on Ragnarok he felt wrong under braking, like the steering stem bearings had some play.
But that couldn’t be because i changed them for conical and even with my use they should last much longer.
Saturday i went looking for the cause and it was not what i expected, the front brake pads where completely gone and one to the metal.
I was not expecting this because i put new pads on just before the Balkan trip. To keep track of what i do i have an Excel sheet where i keep a log of the maintenance of the bikes and when i put in the kilometres for this change i calculated it from the last change and they lasted only 12500km!!!
Guess my kind of riding in the mountains with the full gear is a bit more aggressive on the brakes than expected.

So yes, i’m ashamed that i let it come to this…

I also didn’t wash him in those 12500km and that also showed.
But in my defence, it was only a few months so who was expecting this already?
I ordered some new pads right away and left him in the garage this week awaiting the new pads.
Always used Ferodo but this time i went for Brembo, let’s see how they will do.

It is possible that i don’t manage to get episode 4 from the Balkan trip ready this weekend also, something came up for Saturday.
As i mentioned in my introduction i’m also a volunteer traffic controller assisting the police with truckruns and other events like that.
An owner of a trucking company died last week and Saturday is his funeral and he’s going from the funeral home to the cemetery in a huge convoy which i’m helping to guide through traffic.
Today i had to fix the brakes and tomorrow i need to wash Ragnarok because i cannot attend a funeral with i bike looking like this.

Why not taking Sporherre than you might ask?
Well one thing is that Ragnarok has a nice lighting option for this work and second he’s even worse…

Maybe Saturday evening or Sunday or at least starting with editing and finishing it later in the week… we’ll see.

3 Replies to “I am very ashamed”

  1. Haha, geen nood hoor er is voldoende ander werk te doen. Ik denk altijd, meer dan mijn best doen gaat niet en het is wat het is.
    Succes ;-).

      1. Logisch, het lijkt mij ook erg … wat zal ik zeggen, moeilijk om iedere keer weer wat te verzinnen om over te schrijven of te praten. Sommige mensen zoals Noraly b.v. hebben er totaal geen moeite mee maar voor mij zou het niets zijn. En voor jou …… jij bent een veel te druk baasje, altijd bezig, altijd “on the move” en ik vind het toch knap hoor Ray, zoals jij het doet. Ik neem mijn petje af hoor haha.
        En dat er niet (volgens schema) iets geschreven wordt, no problem!
        Het is veel te leuk om in spanning af te wachten .

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