Health issues

it’s bees quit and that has two reasons.
First i had noting planned and the weather was also very inviting for spontaneous actions.
Second, my health is failing me at the moment.
I’m already coughing since the start of February and a couple of weeks ago i started getting tired very quick and having some stomach pain just below the ribs.
There was some bug wandering around but after a week with no change i made an appointment at the doctor who send me to the hospital after a blood test for further research.

The doctor said my HB and FE levels where too low and inflammation too high.
Low HB and FE could explain why i was tired but he couldn’t explain the stomach pain and didn’t even look at that.
At the hospital the physician said he didn’t agree with the doctor, HB and FE where low but not too low and after a quick physical he looked further into mu stomach pain and he suspect an enlarged liver.
I have to go back for a scan where they also scan my lungs because they sounded normal but coughing for 3 months is not normal.

Planning however is probably not in the education package of the assistants because i got an appointment the 11th of May to go over the results of the new blood test and scan and later that day the appointment for the scan on the 19th of May.
Unless my physician can look into the future this will not work out so i have to call about that on Monday.

Next weekend was the weekend trip with my friend Jan planned, i have contact about it and it’s not a definite no but also not a yes.
I do work normal days but have to sit down once in a while and my physician said i can do whatever i will if i feel good enough for it.
Strange thing is that the only moment i feel good is when i’m riding Sporherre trashing around so that part says i just need to go but when i first have to go to sleep when camp is set up it’s a bit boring for Jan.
Luckily i just have to work 3 days , Thursday i meet up with Ron for our annual remembrance ice cream for our fallen friend Fred which is very convenient on Kingsday so we always have the day off.
I made a long weekend out of it and took the Friday off too.
Hopefully it’s sorted out before my vacation because i’m really looking forward to the Bosnia Rally.

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  1. Don’t worry too much Ray! Getting well soon is the top priority. If we can meet this weekend, it’ll be great. And if we need to rearrange our tour, it’ll be great too, just a bit later.
    It’s good that Ron and you pay tribute to your late friend. I remember 27th of April 2019 (if I got it right, that is the day he passed away) very well – that day I had attended an extreme endurance cycling event to Drilandenpunt and damaged my knee. Eventually, this led me to motorcycling finally, because I was fed up with the struggle and pain on the bicycle. And motorcycles are way cooler anyway.
    Ride safe!

    1. Yes, 2019 it was.
      We where on our way to check the VFROC weekend when it went horribly wrong. If the guardrail had the extra motorcycle board to cover the posts he would be still alive. He died officially one and a halve week later in the hospital in Bonn but i think he was gone when he hit the post already.

  2. Hoi Ray, jouw reactie op het bericht van Jan bezorgt mij kippenvel, brr. Je zorgen maken ken ik helemaal niet van jou, een eigenschap die je niet hebt geloof ik. Jij denk ALTIJD in oplossingen en dat is maar goed ook. Ik duim voor je en blijf positief.
    Hopelijk ga je toch op de trip met je vriend, succes Ray.
    Grtz. Peter

    1. Hij bedoeld dat ik me niet druk moet maken voor als het niet door kan gaan.
      We hebben al afgesproken er een dagje van te maken en dan blijft er nog steeds genoeg over om er later alsnog een weekend op uit te gaan.

  3. So glad we can meet up again today Ray! What you wrote once again underlines that health is ‘everything’ and should always be a person’s top priority. Of course there are things you cannot control or stay ahead of; others may be manageable. I should know, if you catch my meaning. My latest check-up rendered no results as I seem to be in excellent health, even at 60. So on with the show!

    Ice cream today: we’ll never forget Fred! And André is joining us today, while Tim is incapacitated. See you just after noon!

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