Finishing the Ténéré

Finally the part where in.
When i stated to take the bike apart to change the rear suspension i discovered some problems and needed parts, that you could have read in the previous blog about the Ténéré project. It’s in the blog with the title “Should i think international” from 20 December (I’l l do my blog in English but i refuse to use Imperial measurements and date stamping).

There i said i could order the parts on Tuesday, that was the 22nd, but at the bikeshop they said that Yamaha already closed and any orders after the 21st will not be processed until 5 January. I could try to order at CMSNL which is a big online warehouse with lot’s of stock for the 4 big Japanese brands.
When i got home i put in the order right away and nothing had a note that it was not in stock so i confirmed the order.
The next day it said it would be shipped on Thursday 29 December, that would mean that if the parcel company didn’t let me down again it should be in on Saturday which is the best option for that moment.

After checking every day if anything changed id did on the morning of the 29th…
Now it was unknown when it would be shipped????
Bullshit! I put in a ticket to cancel the order and will be ordering at the bikeshop. I like to buy local to be sure that the shops can survive and a lot of people keep thinking the internet is cheaper but they’re wrong or they compare the cheapest shit against OEM parts at the dealership.
Besides the parts for the linksystem i found out after a remark on the DTA (Dutch Ténéré Association) where i’m also a member that there was a problem with the breathers on the first line of this model (’08 and ’09) which was resolved on the ’10 model. It costs only just over €10 so let’s order that too and the side cover mounting at the bottom of the gas-tank in the front had issues with the tread inserts and needed to be replaced as well.
They would order it firt thing on Tuesday 5 January.

6 January in the morning i got a phone-call that the parts where in… Yeah baby… Finally!
Thursday i took the bearings, oil seals and linksystem to work where i changed those.
I don’t have a workbench yet and no heating in the garage so it would be easier and more comfortable to do it there.

Friday i changed the breather which was not as easy as i thought. It was fixed with a pin in a hole kept in place by a rubber ring with two hoses clamped on.
Problem was that i had no space above it to push it up the get the pin out but with some clever thinking, brute force and not to mention a great deal of luck i managed without having to take apart even more.
Here you can see the differences and that change should prevent too much oil getting in the airfilter.

Left is clearly the old and right the new and improved.

Today it was time to get on with it and it would be nice if i get him completely finished.
Yes, different than a lot of guys i don’t see the bike as a “she”. Don’t know why they all want a female bike, maybe because they “ride” her but i just want to have some fun and not a relationship. Not that you can’t have fun with women but you know why women live longer… Guys like to do crazy shit and that’s why my bikes are male companions.

I started with putting the rear suspension together to get a rolling chassis again, then i put back the exhaust so the liquid gasket can cure (it has to set at least 24 hours).
I took a bit more time than the first install after i bought it and have it positioned a lot better.
Next was the Tooltube that should go at the place where the second exhaust would be.
On the CT i also have a Tooltube and i learned that the original mounting points won’t survive so i cut them of and had ordered a pair of exhaust brackets to hang him on.
The company where i got my exhaust also have a dual system and they both have the same replacement mounting bracket which was nice because i can use the other site for one of the two brackets from the Tooltube.
For the front one i made something but after taking away the sidecover that part could go to the bin… assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.
Oké, not to the bin. I used it to make another mount, very convenient when you’re creative and be able to find a solution in a matter of minutes and have it made in about 10 more.

First lunch and after that i connected the gas-tank and started it to check if it was running since i connected the Power Commander without a installation guide.
It started and i quickly shut him of again to prevent blowing out the gasket like after the first installation and i was not patient enough to hear him roar….
On with the installation of all the bits and pieces i had to take off to get to the parts and just after 17:00h i was ready.

Only the bags back on but that’s for after the test ride tomorrow, i might need to get to the Power Commander under the seat for some adjustments.
I hope not because that would mean that i have to study first how to change things. Plan was to ride until i don’t expect any winter weather any more and than have a bespoke map made for this bike with the K&N air filter and this exhaust.
I can sleep in, have to wait until about 14:00h. Than the liquid gasket should be cured as it didn’t mentioned a temperature like with most glues and paint.
When all is good i can changes rides again and take the one needed or wanted and i will have time for the rest of the bucketlist trip.

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