Finally in

I made a start with the footage of the VFROC weekend but it’s far form ready but there is news.
Friday the exhaust finally came in. When i ordered it early April it already was postponed from end of March to end of April but end of April it moved on to 31st of May, then 15th of June and after a mail there was hope they came in a bit before that and it was changed to the 4th of June and then to the 21st of June.
That was the day they really got in at the dealer and last Friday (24th of June) i could pick it up at the parcel point.
It was already in the evening when i have it in hand and Saturday i had a run with sidecars and trikes for disabled people i accompany as a traffic controller so i planned to do it today (Sunday).
But the wait was too long and i ended up doing it Friday after all and this is the result.

Saturday was a perfect day for the run with trikes and , after some heavy rains the days before it was dry and mostly sunny with just a few dark moments but without rain.
After 2 years not ba able to do it due to Covid it was also nice to see all who we do these runs with, fellow traffic controllers who all do this as a volunteer.
It was also 5 years ago that one of the organisation died in a motorcycle accident during the run.
His wife and friend continued the runs (there are several) but this one always give them mixed feelings but together we pulled it off again. There where a lot new TC’s and a few of the older who stopped, that and the fact we couldn’t do anything for over 2 years there where some startup issues in the first round but after addressing them in the break the second round went a lot smoother.

Today (by the time you reading this it’s at least already yesterday) the Louis store in Aachen (Germany) had Sunday opening from 13:00 to 18:00 so after breakfast and a bit of editing waiting for the store to open and the rain to end i went there for some last items to take on the trip.
My technical underwear needed replacement but the Rev’it i had almost doubled in price since i bought the set i have and clothing i like to see, feel and be able to fit. This time i went for a Vanucci set saving me over €40 over a new Rev’it set with a nice incidental black, grey orange colour scheme.
Also needed an emergency cable set in case a throttle or clutch cable breaks and when looking for that i spotted a roll of hose clamp with spanners to cut to the size you might need, also very handy in case of a trail fix.

Almost complete, just have to find an affordable powerbank/startbooster in case of a battery fail.
Already have a good powerbank for the phone, Cardo or camera battery’s but my startbooster died… again.
My first broke the charging port and the next didn’t charge anymore. Never needed it on a trip for myself but i did needed it a few times so i like to have one with me just in case.
The rest is just preparation like servicing Sporherre (all the parts are in), packing and double checking…. looking forward to the trip.
I hope i find some time to finish the VFROC weekend blog this week because from Friday the preparation starts.

4 Replies to “Finally in”

  1. After the exhausting wait (!) now finally you can get ready to set out for your trip… Exciting!

  2. See what you did there….
    Can’t wait to go but luckily time is flying, just hope time slows down when i’m on the road.

  3. Geweldig dat alles nu binnen is en de voorbereiding kan beginnen. Ik ben bijna klaar voor vertrek naar de Noord Kaap, succes Ray en Stay Safe!

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