Episode 4 will be for next week

I was planning to put on 1 episode each week until the trip is covered but i’m running behind on some other chores.
This weekend i’m going to design the anniversary T-shirt for the VFROC member who had participated in all the rides of the special anniversary edition.

In the mean time i discovered a problem with Sporherre.
On the test ride before i bought him i noticed the front fork was torqued, no problem as it can happen and just reported my finding when i got back.
When i decided to buy him even though i did not sold Ecstasy they confirmed i was right and they straightened it.
In the time i have Sporherre i played a bit with the positioning of the handlebar and somehow i couldn’t get it right. In every position one of the hands felt out of line and i start exploring why that was and apparently the event that torqued the front fork also bent the handlebar.

I started to look for a handlebar but they turned out more expensive than i thought so i called the shop where i bought him as i had warranty on it and explained it. Problem is that the shop is 170km form my home so i told him that i would send some pictures (those above) that should be clear about the situation.
He said they would look at them and look for a proper solution. The next day in the morning i already had an answer on the mail that they would order a new handlebar and if i agree that they send it to me and i fit it myself.
That was exactly what i hoped due to the distance as it would cost me a full tank of gas and the large part of a day. Mailing it would be cheaper for them also because they don’t need to spend the time in the workshop for replacing.

On my search i also came across a black handlebar for the T7 so i was a bit cheeky and asked if they need to order one if it was possible it would be the black one.
Already happy with the service without any hassle i became even happier because i got an answer that they ordered the black one which turns out to be the one for the T7 Rally.
Hope it comes quickly but parts supply is with lots of company’s a bit of a problem at the moment and the parcel company’s are overloaded, especially after Black Friday and Christmas on it’s way but glad the problem will be solved without any cost.

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