Early Christmas?

Nope… i don’t do Christmas.
Long story short, everything what Christmas stands for applies for every day so i don’t need a few special day’s for that.
Time for presents it is.

On the top left presents for Ragnarok and on the top right the same presents for Ecstasy.
A fresh set of clutch-plates, oil and filter for both.
Recently changed the oil on Ragnarok but it feels raw. I did use a different brand but it was a bit raw before and it probably is caused by the cries of the clutch-plates to be replaced.
To be sure everything will be perfect and ready for a lot of kilometres i was planning to ride i will be refreshing the oil again and than stick to the Motorex for Ragnarok.

Ecstasy also should have had fresh oil when i bought him but when the temperature is stable between 15 and 25 degrees (C) and i’m allowed to go to Belgium i will make an appointment for reprogramming the Power Commander to my likes and needs on a Dyno.
The signs are way less like with Ragnarok but Ecstasy also show some signs sometimes as if the clutch is not gripping like it should.
He has past the 100k/km and i don’t know the service history so best to change the plates also and put fresh oil in to be sure. Also better to have that done before the Dyno run, bit of a waste if the clutch start slipping at that moment
He has already had an spark plug and air filter change and when i change a air filter i always put an K&N in.
After that he will be mechanical up for another 100k with just the regular fluid and spark plug changes… oh yeah… tyres too off course.

At the bottem some presents for me to try making the vlogs a bit more interesting with an extra camera angle.
A GoPro Hero 8 Black with a media mod and extra batteries with a dual loader.
On it’s way is a Proshot helmet mount and some RAM mounts to get some possibilities to mount the old cam different on both bikes. Chosen the RAM because of the ball and durability after almost losing the Hero3+ on the TET. The mount broke when i opened the case at home to take the SD card out with just a slight touch.

Also on it’s way for Ragnarok are a set of HEL brake lines and a Hyperpro rear suspension which was on the wishlist for 2 years.
Also bought a tyre changing toolset. A devise to break the bead and bigger tyre irons for removing and a balancer as i’m expecting to use 3 to 4 sets of tyres per year in this new life.
After this the time has come to start saving and hopefully in 2 to 3 years i can take a sabbatical year to make a round trip to South Africa.
By then the Covid situation should be done also…. i hope.

3 Replies to “Early Christmas?”

  1. Leuk man, je bent wel weer wat van plan te doen, South Africa. Ja de filmpjes van Itchy inspireren wel hè.

    1. Ben er al geweest voor een rondreis van Joburg naar Kaapstad en wist al snel dat ik wel een keer terug wilde.
      Dat Noraly daar nu rondrijd maakt wel dat ik er nu een doel van heb gemaakt en door mijn huidige situatie is dat doel wat ambitieuzer geworden.

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