Convention was a bust

I had a ticket for the emigration convention and it was a total bust.
When searching if it might be useful i found something about Africa and Portugal but that turned out to be just the world school and a worldwide moving company for Africa and Portugal was just some law firm and a real estate agency.
1/3 was about Sweden, 1/3 Canada and the other 1/3 was the rest but almost everything was based on working in these places and then for all regular jobs.
Luckily the day itself was not a bust because i finally got a chance to visit my friend Ron who lives less then 15 minutes from the Expo centre and we haven’t seen each other for a long time and it was nice to catch up.
Now i have to have a talk with my boss because Ron is releasing his first album on his birthday and i’m invited.
Unfortunately it’s on a Monday and that’s a difficult day for me to get a day off and if i remember correctly my colleague who could solve the morning part of the problem is on vacation that period… fingers crossed i get it arranged.

Ragnarok is back together but the delay and getting away from the work for a week had left me making a very dangerous mistake.
Normally i have a specific work order and lay out tools and parts at fixed places that let me know exactly was has or not yet been done but i had to move it out of the way and i forgot to tighten the brake caliper bolts.
I’m normally not a fan of electronic systems but this time it was a saviour because the ABS light started to flicker on my way home and a second later i felt something hitting my foot.
For me this was a sign i had to stop and be very careful with applying the brakes and gently feel what will happen when i do.
After i got to a halt safely i found 1 bolt on the right side missing, i walked back to where i thought i felt something hitting my right foot but did not find it off course.
The left was loose too.
Good thing i always carry tools so i could tighten the bolts that still where there and change the one left on the right to the position that went missing. In that case i could still brake hard in case of an emergency but with a risk of damage to the caliper and/or the new rotor.
The left side has one piston working together with the rear so i took a road home with as less traffic as possible so i could ride a slower pace manageable with just the rear and avoiding any risk needing the front (you normally brake 80% with the front).

What lesson did i learn? Don’t start a job before all parts are in hand, deliver dates cannot be trusted anymore. Stick to your trusted work pattern when working on important parts.

Then we had the compressor issue. I took it apart and found a hose with a hole.
At work we do a lot with hoses but they are mostly a lot bigger and for hydraulics.
As you might know i build garbage trucks and also do the special items and we make our own hoses for all the hydraulics and also special orders for customers from a power steering hose to the biggest excavator hoses bit this was i tiny one.
I gave it to my boss and he would have the hose builder look at it and see of he could fix it and he could.
So the compressor is also fixed.

I’m really done with the weather and hope it finally starts getting more like spring, i need sun and fresh air through my house.
When i’m on the bike i feel great but off the bike i don’t feel like doing anything because it’s grey for way too long now, time for colour…. blue skies, yellow or orange sun, green trees and singing birds and off course open French doors and windows.
I really look forward to the weekend with my friend Jan end of the month, exploring the rest of the new TET and take him on the northern part i already have ridden. I hope it will be a colourful weekend.

3 Replies to “Convention was a bust”

  1. Good to hear everything went fine even though the bolt of your caliper came loose!

    I’m counting down the days to our motocamping trip – finally I’ll put my new suspension to the test and I hope I’ll find a good setup together with your experience.

    Take care my friend!

  2. It was so nice to have you come visit in Utrecht and catch up! Thank you for combining this visit with your visiting the convention – I was sorry to learn that it was so utterly disappointing.

    Indeed, my debut solo album is coming out on my 60th birthday, which is June 19th; a double milestone! I’m releasing a video single around June 1st and on a special website (that is materializing soon) I’ll introduce the project and the artwork that will grace it, along with the awesome musicians and vocalists that are contributing and more. The album will appear on all streaming platforms and in a digipack format CD.

    Glad you got your adaptations on the engine(s) in place!

    See you again in some three weeks’ time, when we will commemorate our friend Fred who was taken from us four years ago..,

    Cheers, Ron

  3. Mooi Ray te lezen dat je ook wel precies weet hoe te handelen als er eens iets niet gaat zoals het hoort, top reactie.
    Iets aanpassen en dan toch weer veilig naar huis, komt wel goed met jou ;-). We wachten allemaal op de lente en de mooie luchten, kleuren en geuren, maar motorrijden doen we ook als het anders is haha.
    Groet Ray, tot snel.

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