Continuing with the bucketlist

The Ténéré is ready for now and took him most of the week to work taking the regular offroad sections plus an extra part which i didn’t want to do with the CT, especially when its wet.
But mostly because i think it’s not meant to use the track and the exit back to the road is a bit narrow just fitting the CT but only with a bit wiggling to get the panniers trough the gate.

Now i had some time to get to the last footage from the missing SD card.
In this part whe’re back on the mainland and going along the west-coast back up towards Switzerland with just a few detours inland to see some green and mountain roads.

Goal of taking that part of Italy was the Amalfi coast route. Normally that road is one big traffic jam where the scooters fly past on the left and the right but with the corona going on most tourist stayed at home and the Italian holidays finished 2 weeks before we arrived so we had some traffic but also a lot of moments to have fun.
At one point a local overtook me, probably thinking that those fucking tourist would be slow an only looking around.
Once passed at the first corner he hit the brakes and i hate that.
I’ve been to the Amalfi coast before with my ex on a fly and drive vacation and now i’m back on the bike just for the road so time to tease the local 😛

After a bit pushing he went to the side to let us pass, i wonder what he was thinking at that moment.
I didn’t let the free road ahead wasted and turned the throttle leaving the local way behind having fun on that winding road, high on the cliffs.
At the end of the video i left some parts from the villages in for a change.
Enjoy the video.

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