Cleaning the calipers

After discovering a brake issue yesterday i decided to start cleaning Ragnarok’s calipers.
I’m not a groomer keeping the bike’s clean and polished like they go in a showcase and in the winter i like them dirty.
When the time comes to cover the rads with salt against freezing a nice layer of dirt prevent the salt getting to get to the metals and therefore reduce corrosion.

Brakes get dirty but having to work on the brakes in wintertime is even worse.
Having a bit of time to take a moment to clean the calipers and the pistons is necessary because your life depends on good brakes. It makes it easier to clean them the next time but also saves your calipers not having dirt or damages cutting up your seals and pistons.
Every spring i clean the bike (now bikes), also behind the covers and i take the calipers of to clean those also. Over the year i don’t clean very much, mostly when i have to do some maintenance they get a wash or when it’s getting too much for me to ignore.
When i have to change the tyres the calipers get an extra cleaning also.

For now they’re ready for the new brake discs and this is the difference between a wintertime dirty caliper and a cleaned one plus how far the pads where gone.

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