Christmas Truckrun

The next excuse for not finishing the ScanBaltic trip is the Christmas truckrun.
This is an annual truckrun for disabled people and it’s lit… literally.
I’ve been in the organisation for several years in the safety department where it was my task to get the traffic controllers together and approved for the job.

Not the best pictures but it will give you an idea what i mean what i meant with it’s literally lit.

This was the last year i did this and the guy in front is one of the 2 guys taking this job on for the next years.
This made it extra busy this year adding to the challenge it already was because we started a bit late and the Dropbox folder that went missing.
We where late because of the uncertainty if Covid was really gone, take in mind we work for a group of people with high vulnerability and the missing Dropbox folder contained the base file with email addresses from people who might want to be a traffic controller.
I spent a lot of hours into this event putting my personal things on pause but it was all worth it again.
As long as i’m in the Netherlands i will still be doing the runs as a traffic controller and go to the VFROC rides but after 5 or 6 years CTR plus another 3 years before helping my predecessor and 9 years on the board of the VFROC spending a lot of time for others a time for me has come.
The first video is after boarding the clients and the second is line almost ready for departing.

For now i’m a bit in conflict, i really want to finish the ScanBaltic series but i’m also wanting to do absolutely nothing for a moment and the dark winter period is the only time in the year i am able to do nothing, like my ADHD went into hibernation.
Problem is it’s not really and i need to keep an eye on time, if not in a couple of days i live at night and sleep during the day.
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I don’t do Christmas (yes, very strange for someone who spent years helping to organise a Christmas Truckrun) but happy holidays and a tripping 2023!

2 Replies to “Christmas Truckrun”

  1. Wat geweldig is dat weer Ray, al jou energie stoppen in zoiets laat zien wat voor kerel jij bent, respect!
    En ik vergeef je dat je even geen tijd en/of zin hebt in het afmaken van de ScanBaltic serie. Je bent een bezige 🐝 “Bij” en neem je rust, geniet ervan, fijne feestdagen en tot ziens in 2023 πŸŽ„πŸΎπŸŽ†.

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