Change of plans

I just discovered yesterday i will have a long weekend, thought Easter was next week.
Plan was to place the new fence i have standing in a corner over a month but was waiting for a free weekend and this weekend was finally completely unbooked.

I’m making progress with editing the video from my offroad training and still planning on have that blog finished this weekend but it might be at the end of the extension.
Today Pedro Mota, a Dutch motorcycle traveller i follow on YouTube decided to do a Dutch ride out now he’s back in the Netherlands so guess what i’m going to do tomorrow… for you probably today or even further in the past.
Good thing i have an extended weekend because things come by that mess up your plans…
Still have my 2 days for the fence but i hope it will be finished in one, it’s not a big one and the old one is kept in place by ratchet straps since it fell over by a storm May last year.
It should not be hard to remove the old but a certain Murphy figured out some law and that’s why i wanted a day to spare.

See you soon with the Adventureshield blog!

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