Busy times

What am i doing to myself?
I still have the footage from the Balkan trip to work out but this weekend i have to get the basic things on Sporherre sorted like the power for the GPS, the USB socket because it make sense to do those at the same time instead of taking the bike apart 2 times and mount the crashbar before i crash it which i will sooner or later.
That is already not going well as the engine guards of the kit had some metal welded inside the tubes and that would not be fun having the rattle every time you ride so they where send back. I kept the upper part so i have at least some protection and i think it’s the most important part (plastics and also the radiator).

I also have to start with the calendar for the VFROC and have to get the questionary from the MAG sorted which is way overdue. Part because of myself and part of other difficulties.
The myself part is caused by the pandemic and the change of my personal situation last year. The pandemic took me out of my rhythm and i thought the change will give me more time to do something extra but in reality i ride more and started this site to share it all and make me want to do even more which cost time.

The story of the Balkan trip will come, the bikers i met in Ukraine with the broken down bike send me a few pictures which is great and i will share that in the blog as well as the pictures with the guys in Romania who took me to the beautiful rock formation where i thought it would be a bit boring but i have obligations to the organisations i signed up for.
I told all 3 organisations that i will stop of the end of my term or do it maximum another 2 years because i would see if i can get something going to move to South Africa to start a new chapter of my life.
Yupz, that is another thing i have to fit in, for that i have to do some research what i have to do to make it happen and find a way to make a living over there.

This weekend i take a little rest by sleeping in a little and watch the F1 qualifying and race. In between i will connect the power for the GPS and USB socket plus mount the upper crashbars and give Ecstasy a proper bath to make him look good for a buyer.
After washing him i will make some better pictures form him and everything that comes with the buy for a new advert on the online market places.
I have some reactions but the kilometres on the odo scares everybody away even though it is a great bike which i never would sell already if Sporherre didn’t get in my path.
The few things i have to do is enough to keep you entertained until i find the time to make the first video i think and if not it probably is because i get distracted by something else which keep you entertained a bit longer buying myself some time to get those video’s done after all.
Have a nice weekend, over here the weather will be nice if the forecasters are right for a change. If that’s the case with you also take advantage of it because it’s starting to get colder.

2 Replies to “Busy times”

  1. Geweldig Ray, druk druk druk maar dat is eigenlijk niet vreemd voor jou, haha.
    Het is weer leuk leesvoer …

    1. Bedankt.
      Tijdens het kijken van VT3 van de F1 even een paar agenda punten aan het wegwerken om wat reminders in Outlook weg te kunnen klikken.
      Hierna beslissen of ik eerst Sporherre aanpak of Ecstasy de wasbeurt geef.

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