Busy times

I started editing episode 6 but there is just too much going on at the moment.
I have people taking over the tasks for the VFR club and now also for the Christmas Truckrun which will be held after 2 years discontinuation due to Covid.
For the VFROC it’s time for the 2023 preparation that has to be finished before the second halve of November and the CTR also is taking up a lot of time.

Another thing is the big maintenance Ragnarok needs and that also is not be done by leprechauns.
Last week i already washed him and drained the oil but it also needs new spark-plugs, coolant and a valve clearance check.
Another thing i did last week removing the crashbars and pannier racks. They are going to be repainted with a little special effect and now i could do some changes too.
Today i started taking Ragnarok apart to be able to remove the valve covers and that’s not an easy task with the Crosstourer. I think Honda hates his mechanics.

Hopefully i will find some time to continue but i have time, he has to be ready and tested before 17 December but i hope i have him finished a lot sooner because the panniers are a lot more convenient for grocery’s.
In the mean time i also try to get episode 6 finished up.

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  1. Wat een werk, ik vind het altijd prachtig om te zien hoe mensen daar zelf aan bezig zijn. Het is niet mijn hobby ;-).
    Dit drukte loop ik iets achter met je berichten, succes.

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