Today i imported the footage i recorded this weekend from the camera’s and it turned out the change in setting i did in order to improve the quality set the camera in slowmo for some reason.
Some footage needs some codec i have to buy and the Hero 3+ was clean when i left but when i started recording a kamikaze bug aimed dead centre on the lens.
Hopefully i can still make something out of the footage, otherwise it will be a blog without a video.
Luckily i made a few pictures and i had a blast and can tell about it anyway.

To promote the channel i ordered some businesses cards to hand out, stickers, T-shirts and coffee mugs.
The T-shirt have the new logo, not a big change but i added “.nl” to it in a subtle way.

Why didn’t i think of that when i made the logo the first time?

The bikes have the branding. The printer of the stickers warned about my choice when i wanted to use them on a dark background but is took the change and it doesn’t work real well on black but i just don’t like stickers with a fixed background colour.
I think it’s too complex for have them made as a cut out sticker but writing this i came up with an idea and have to check if it is possible and not to expensive if it is possible…
This is how it came out on the bikes.

I’ll try to write the offroad weekend blog this coming weekend, have some things to do in the evenings this week, and yes… cleaning Ecstasy is the plan for tomorrow after i collect the T-shirts from the UPS pickup point 😎

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