Let’s hope it’s getting better again from now on.
Tomorrow i leave for a weekend up north to do the advanced offroad training but the weather took a turn for the worse with snow forecasted.

But the week went not all well in other ways too.
Last week i ordered a Insta360 One R K4 camera from an outlet with a nice price, 2 days later it was in and when i put it together (it’s a modular system) it went on but the battery was low and it probably it got fried because it went dead.
Because it was an outlet (returned within 30 days) i did get warranty but not for a new camera, have to send it back and i get my money back so no loss but also no cheap extra 4K camera.

Yesterday i wanted to test another adjustment to the suspension but it didn’t felt good, turned it from 2 clicks minus to 2 clicks plus on the rebound and the base setting was probably the best for that part but when i went back it got worse instead of close to pretty good like it was.
I thought i made a mistake so back to the base setting but everything was drama… turned out i had a flat rear tyre due to a screw.
Took the screw out to prevent further damage to the tube and put some air back in to limp home.

Tyre is fixed and holding pressure but i bought a new tube for both wheels. The rear because the hole was pretty big (about a centimetre) and had already a patch. The front to take as a spare because that size will work also in the back, that way i only need one spare in my limited luggage space.

I wanted to risk patching this to see if this will work just so i know and don’t need to gamble on a big trip.
It’s still holding pressure and if it make it tomorrow it will stay good. If not i can put the spare in and do the training anyway or even buy another rear tube on my way to put the right size in.
The Netherlands is a small country with not a big detour needed to get to a shop so better risk it now and learn than have to figure it out in the middle of nowhere in a unfamiliar country.

Plan for tomorrow was to take a nice route with a stop in Mill at #JJSuspension for the fine-tuning of the setup but with the rain today and the snow that should come in tonight i think i will leave a bit later and take the direct route to Mill.
In that case we don’t have to work on a mud dripping Sporherre.
When i leave there i always can choose to take the planned route and get dirty after all.
I will take the Gopro as planned but will work another time with a voice over. Didn’t had the time to build my dual microphone (Cardo and Gopro in one) and the media mod is not waterproof.
Also changing battery’s take too long and i don’t have the time because i have to keep up with the instructor and the rest of the trainees.

Now charging all the gear and prepare the luggage.
Also want to take the tankbag to try that and get a bit used to it. Saturday i only leave the R40 set on because that’s the bag i always have on the back.
Also the first time i will use the new camelback i bought after losing the one i had in Hungary.
Hope the weather will be a bit better on Saturday, the forecasting says it will be dry and 8 degrees Celsius… Fingers crossed.

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  1. Ja Ray, dat is wel te hopen, iets beter weer. Ik moet werken maar jij kan er op uit om vies te worden, haha.
    Sporherre zal er na de trip toch niet uit zien verwacht ik.
    Have fun Ray.

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