Bucketlist trip, part 4

Yessss, part 4 is ready and although in the end of part 3 i mentioned that part 4 was probably the last but i was missing an SD card which i found.
More to come but now we stay with part 4.
In this part we are in the southern part of Italy where we had a lot of change in the scenery and we also had some very unsuspected landscapes.
I thought some parts would be more typically to the north and it also had a bit of a Montenegrin feel.

It was a great drive with not only changing scenery but also changing road conditions.
In de video (you’ll get to it at the end) i put in a very small clip on the highway to show that we also had to make some decisions weather to risk not getting at the wanted turning point which in this version was Palermo or to take some highways to make up for lost time.
After that section when we’re back on the twisties it looks like we lost out groove but that was only because we where avoiding the potholes.

I like the more technical riding, therefore i made a route through the centre of Italy away from the touristic places but that also meant we had a lot of bad to very bad roads.
Not a problem on the Crosstourer and i also liked those challenges and because i was in my element i forgot mostly to start the video or didn’t stop it.
The GoPro is set on a 20 minute loop in 5 minute sections. After 20 minutes he starts overwriting the first 5 minutes and when i stop recording it saves the last 20 minutes.
This way you can keep recording al the time… if you don’t forget to turn it on…
When you come across a nice section you stop recording to save the 20 minutes and start another loop.
Now my life has changed it is no longer a wish to someday make the 2 bucketlist trips but it’s a complete new and extended list with only one question… which one will be crossed off this year?
That new life is also the reason i started this blog and now i have to find a way to improve the set up and add some different angles plus i have to kick my own ass and think about the camera.

Back to part 4.
We are getting close to the far south and eventually arriving at the ferry in Villa San Giovanni.
I couldn’t find much information about the crossing to Sicily so we just drove to the harbour where we found multiple entrances but still not clear which one was going where, i just entered one and is seems that they all went to Sicily and the other islands or to Napels.
Just missing the ferry but they leave every halve an hour the wait is on in 30 degrees Celsius. No need to book in advance for a motorcycle but due to corona at the moment it was also not needed for a car.
It was just a good 20 minute sail and than we set foot on Sicilian ground to continue the ride to a campsite at the foot of the Etna where we would go the following day.
Not sure if i have footage from that ride because the missing card was bought in Palermo, the endpoint after visiting the Etna.
For now i leave you with the part 4 video.
Not sure if part 5 will be this week or somewhere next week because i finally have the parts for the Ténéré, time to put that one back together. I think just in time for it seems it might get winter after all.

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