Bucketlist corona edition, part 3

Happy new year!!!
A new year, still waiting for parts for the Ténéré so time for editing part 3.
Hoping to do the initially planned Balkan trip this year on the Crosstourer and a few sections of the TET with the Ténéré but i have a few loose ends from 2020.
Part 3 is finished and with part 4 coming up i hope to button up 2020.

Part 3 is getting us through the mid section of the Italian in-lands.
This time i also have a few parts to show some small towns and it ends with 5 minutes riding in a landscape which was the first real surprise of Italy. I didn’t check all the footage for part 4 but i hope i also have some material from the second surprise because there where 2 stretches of landscape i didn’t expect.

I’m someone who lives in the moment but i’ve noticed that if i want to share my experiences i really need to take more pictures and get some more memory cards so i don’t run out halve way of the trip like i did this time.
I bought an extra card but i don’t seem to have any footage from the GoPro after the first day on Sicily. Better check if i didn’t forget a card, if that’s the case i probably need a part 5.
I also decided that i need to figure out another camera angle to keep things interesting and i don’t have to forget to get some mounts on the Ténéré.

The blog from part 1 ended that i would tell you the rest of the story after splitting up in the next part but i think it would be a better time to tell it a bit more in sinc with the timeline of the video’s.
We’re not even halve way and we split up after 2/3 of the trip.
Just enjoy part 3 for now and know there will be more to come…

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