Balkan 2021?

At the moment it is still bad all over the world. Even we have an evening clock which was extended until 2 March.
But my vacation is not until the last week of August and i don’t have to set the date early on so there is room to shift.
I like to go late when everybody has already been on vacation but not too late when the temperature starts to drop and the day’s getting short, that’s why i want to go a week earlier than last year. It was still very nice but better safe than sorrow.

So… you hear a lot of hope from governments that from the second halve of the year it might get a bit more like normal and that gets me looking forward.
Last year i wanted to go to the Balkan and Scandinavia with coming back through Finland and the Baltic states was the second bucket list option but you can read that story in my corona edition blogs.
The Balkan has to be first before it gets overwhelmed with tourism as it was an upcoming destination for the Europeans before corona had taken us hostage.
This year i hope to get it of the list. The route was ready but i changed it from Bled (Slovenia) because the part coming after that i did last year starting the first days and this is the result.

Mega Balkan tour 2021

I kept the long first day over the highway to get where you’re not getting in a long weekend trip and i did the same at the end making it 2 days shorter.
Last year i learned that my schedule was very challenging and this will give me some freedom.
I am all about riding, that was not a real challenge for me but maybe i want to stay somewhere over for a day or even take a bit of the TET . I’m taking Ragnarok so it can’t be the most difficult parts but there are a lot of gravel roads where Ragnarok on the Michelin Anakee Adventures do very well.

We will see what this year will bring and when necessary i’ll change my plans again to wherever i’m allowed to go.
It’s still a long time before the vacation and i hope i can do some TET trips until than.
When you’re here anyway, check out my new banner at the top of the website. I made it a lot sharper and put my logo in 😉

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  1. Hoi Ray, het kan aan mij liggen maar ik zie nu alleen nog maar het bovenste stukje van de banner, oeps.
    Verder is het weer een informatief stuk geworden, top.

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