Always something to do

I’ve started with sorting out the footage of the Balkan trip and have done the Hero 3 material. When i was checking what was usable and what not i thought i was missing some sections but when i got to video 87 of the usable footage i found the missing sections which somehow had a different set of numbers.
Don’t know why but maybe caused by formatting or something like that, glad to found the missing sections but it means i have another 18 clips i have to put in the right pace as i was renaming the video’s and make a list with the days and numbers to get a timeline.
This i have to do with the Hero 8 footage as well and when i finished that i can pick clips from both camera’s and try to make some chronological movies.
I really don’t like this part of maintaining a blog so please be patient, the real blogs will come eventually.

Then there is the other work is have to do, the 2022 calender for the VFROC is made and almost sorted, spent some time on the MAG and the Christmas truckrun which sadly is cancelled again due to Covid restrictions. There are not many any-more but we’re dealing with a high risk group of people.

Also had to do some things around the house and i got the anti wobbly head stabilisers for Sporherre in.

When i was pruning the trees i noticed i could easily make a ramp to get the bikes to the back of the house where i have a drainage, a water hose and space to wash the bikes.
I live in a street on a hill with a little front yard which is higher than the street and a garage in the back with another yard/garden which is higher than the house and patio.
From the back i never could get the bikes to the patio level and in the front a have a very wide gate (160cm doorway).
At the back i have French doors where i can even enter the house now and that is needed for another job i have coming up i cannot do in the garage as it is not heated.
For the normal maintenance it’s fine and the little hot air blower is good enough but for this i need i little more temperature… you’ll have to be patient for that too.

At work i asked for a piece of aluminium diamond plate and made a ramp.
Always a challenge to get bigger stuff home without a car…
The ramp is in that place for two reasons, it is the lowest part i could use and there are 2 parking spaces and going a bit more to the left would get it too close to the parking space.
I own the ground on the higher level but the lower part is owned by the city so i drilled some holes in the stones of the city to fixate the ramp placed on city ground, hope i don’t get problems with that…

Next in is the surprise part and a tail tidy and when i have the tail tidy mounted i will ask my boss if i can make a luggage system at work (not expecting any problem with that request).
Also need to borrow a company car with the trailer to get the prune garbage to the landfill. It can be collected for free but i have too much for that service.
I’ll wait for the tail tidy with making the luggage system, when i fix that i can see if i can use some points to fix the rack to and also don’t make anything that might get in the way.
In between i hope to get the hero 8 footage sorted but getting Sporherre sorted is more important because i will take on the trip to the North Cape with him.
Already started to look if i can integrate a part of the TET Finland into that trip without adding more days to the trip and risking making it too long for the 3 weeks i have and it’s already almost 8400km’s.

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  1. Altijd bezig, haha de “kop” van het verhaal klopt dus echt.
    Dat maakt het natuurlijk ook leuk om te lezen, begrijp ik het goed .. zit die “ramp” aan de straatkant van je huis? Als dat zo is dan zou dat hier in de randstad echt niet kunnen/mogen ;-). Maar het zuiden is minder streng denk ik.
    Succes en ik ben benieuwd of de TET route Finland gaat passen in het plan.

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