All sorts off stuff

That’s right, there is a lot of little things going on.
2 weeks ago i went on a ride out with Pedro Mota but i haven’t had time yet to do something with the footage. Keep track of his channel because i might end up in his version but i don’t know when he’s uploading it because he doesn’t have a very tight schedule.

Why didn’t i had time?
I was waiting for a 2 day weekend with nice weather to put up the new fence a had in the backyard for a while now. The old one was rotten and fell over May last year and was held up by a couple of ratchet straps.
Luckily that weekend was Easter so even with the spontaneous ride out on Saturday i still had 2 days.
The second picture was taken when i took the old down but is better in place there.

Glad that was done and the weekend after was filled also.
Saturday i went back north not far from Witteveen where i did the Offroad training but now with Ragnarok for the VFROC forum tinker day, not much tinkering going on but meeting forum members and give them a chance to meet the club members and maybe get them exited to get a full membership is actually the main goal.
When i got back i had the odo raised with 650km and more to come the next day.

Sunday was the first truckrun since Covid hit. A truckrun is a ride out with trucks for the disabled and i do a bunch of them (or with trikes/sidecars) as a traffic controler.
In this particular run i was for the second time the the main guide.

My job was to ride behind the police van and decide when and how fast we go.
It was a 65km tour but it was more exhausting than the 650 the day before but well worth it. The clients where smiling, the truck drivers where happy and the crowd was cheering. On top of that the weather was just great too.

When i started this blog i had some business cards made and they where finished so i ordered a new batch with some improvement.
The new have the logo with the “.nl” in it on the front and in the back there is not the website address any more but my name, a better description what the site is about, may mail address and a QR code to the site.
They also print clothing so i ordered a long sleeve too, i needed something between a sweater and a T-shirt.

Today is Kings day, a day off from work to celebrate the kings birthday.
For me it’s a day to commemorate a friend who died after a motorcycle accident on a weekend trip together to check out the routes for the club weekend in 2019.
He was crazy for ice cream, sometimes on those weekends we came back from the day trip around 300km and then we went of again to get ice cream 50km away from the hotel.
Today it was just me and Ron, a friend of my deceased friend but since the funeral we became friends too and what way better to commemorate him?

Go have an ice cream together off course.

It was a bit of a ride so i made a nice route there hitting some sand too and i knew there was some sand close to a WW I memorial.
A piece of the “dead wire”, an electrified fence which was back then 332km long to separate the by Germany occupied Belgium and neutral Netherlands.
It was not very effective because it didn’t took them long to discover rubber boots and gloves was enough to climb the fence without getting fried.

Did you know why we have such good cheese?
We let our cows relax at the riverside.

Somewhere this week i changed my front sprocket on Sporherre from a 15 too a 16 tooth to see how that works out for fuel consumption.
This configuration reduces the RPM which is nice on highway speed and should reduce fuel consumption. You loose some power on the low end but the T7 has power enough to overcome that and getting him to slide offroad is still easy.
Today was a good day to get an impression, not sure if i keep it but at least until i change the chain set before i leave for the North Cape.
On this trip i was not very impressed with what i gained in kilometres. I did to Witteveen with the 15T 1:21,75 and today 1:22,3.
Normal weeks with the standard commute it went even down from 1:19 and a bit to 1:18 and a bit.

The upcoming weekend i have a friend over, Jeffrey.
He had a VFR and bought a BMW GSA and we did the TET south NL with the big bikes and when i bought Ecstasy he also bought a XT660Z.
Saturday we go do my commute in the opposite direction and then go back south to do some more exploring where i ended up on that single track i shared before.
When we come back we have a few beers and he will crash in the spare bedroom… no drinking and riding.
Until the next one

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  1. Haha, mooi verhaal. Die Pedro Mota volg ik ook, leuke kerel lijkt me. Ben benieuwd of je in zijn verhaal voorkomt, succes.

  2. Especially the ice cream section touches me, of course. It is through Fred that we got to know each other and became friends. And even if weโ€™re separated by halve the country, or hand the world for that matter, nothing will keep us apart – especially on April 27th when we remember our mutual friend eating ice cream ๐Ÿจ

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