Adventure Shield allroad training

The first of Augustus i went on an allroad training with Adventure Shield in Witteveen.
I booked the training with my friend Jeffrey and his brother Ward, me on the Crosstourer, Jeffrey on a BMW GSA and Ward on a Yamaha Versys.
20 minutes before arrival in Witteveen Jeffrey’s lost his rear wheel and crashed breaking the valve cover and windshield of the bike and the collarbone of himself.
Ward and i went trough with the training after Jeffrey was transported to the hospital and his bike was taken by the salvage company.

Because of the accident we where late but kept in contact over the phone and got the location pinned on Maps where we could catch up with Albert and the rest of the trainees.
After some set up checks and changes we finally could start.
First the basics on a dirt road with some loose but not too loose but further firm sand.
After that we went for lunch via a stretch of very loose sand and i already knew that me and loose sand are no friends. The CT is just too heavy and the sweet spot is just a bit faster than comfortable to start with.
Strangely i had no problem at all with the technical bits like the log hop which we where going to learn after lunch.

This was the third fase. At the first one i went down after i came in at an angle.
Albert (the instructor) thought us that it’s offroad and there is no actual track to follow like a normal road so if we think there is a better place to cross than the middle we can take that route.
After a lot of passes the middle was carved out in front of the logby all the revving to get some lift to get over it and i wanted to take the left side.
But i came on crossways and when the rear wheel hit the log the bike changed direction mid air. The CT seemed pretty crash proof and Albert was impressed about that, i just was happy the crashbar did his job well.
I learned that the Lomo crashbar bags needed to bee replaced with something crashproof like the Mosko Moto panniers at the back but i managed to get him attached with the left over straps.
I keep forgetting to start the camera so i don’t have all the exercises but still have a short film. The next one is the next part of the bucketlist trip.

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