A regular commute

After receiving all the parts to mount the old and the new GoPro on the bike end helmet it was sadly not the best of weather for filming.
Last week there was the right weather on the right day, not needing to take Ragnarok for grocery’s so time for the test.

The footage form the old Hero 3+ was not usable because the mounting with the RAM balls is too flexible and resulted in a wobbly image.
The new Hero 8 black on the Pro shot helmet mount is nice.
Below is an film of the “long way home” with just the camera. The long way is the first track in the opposite direction going a bit north-east instead of south to take a few extra tracks before going south.

The day after i did the direct route with after the start of the film below de parts from 7:18.
Even with Ragnarok i take the last bit regular, the forest part i also did with him but the exit is a bit tight and often i have the bags filled with grocery’s including eggs and i don’t want to bump those into the post.
I also filmed that and now with the mediamod but i need an external mike to make that work as i want. That’s what the test was for, to discover what the differences are and i already figured i would need an external mike.

I announced before that i wanted to film my way home to share that with you and this was a nice moment.
Now i can try to figure out a way to mount the old Hero 3+ steady enough and find an external mike to make future movies more interesting.
There are plans enough for this year. The VFROC weekend will most likely be cancelled and the TET Belgium or NL north. Belgium has opened up but still with limitations but i want to do them both this year and this is just choosing which can or has to be done first.
Then there is the next Adventure Shield training, now it’s time for the intermediate training and probably next year the advanced and off-course the 3 week trip, hopefully the originally planned Balkan tour from last year or plan B which is planned for next year.
Enjoy the film…

2 Replies to “A regular commute”

  1. Ik merk dat de camera moeite heeft met “scherp” stellen, dat komt waarschijnlijk door jouw snelheid ;-).
    Leuke inkijk in de “long way home”

  2. Ik zal eens kijken of de instellingen wel vastgehouden worden als de batterij eruit is geweest.
    De instellingen die ik had gebruikt komen van youtubers die van alles uitgetest hadden maar misschien valt het na verwijderen van de batterij terug naar standaard.

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