A little step forward

Finally i’ve sorted out all the footage from the trip. I thought the Hero 8 footage was way less but it ended up with 73 usefull clips and 33 discards but glad i did that first before checking the remaining 18 clips from the Hero 3 because only 1 might have some added value.
Now i have to get myself to the even worse part… making something out of all those files knowing i can only use a fraction from it.

Going through the footage i already noticed i only need fractions because otherwise it would be very boring to watch for you.
I’m not a very touristic person, i like the riding and nature so most of it is riding bend after bend and me enjoying the scenery.
I think only my ADHD brain makes me capable of enjoying the scenery at those speeds making it even more boring to watch but i’ll try to make some entertaining movies and off course i will write some more to tell you ale about the trip.

Meanwhile i got tested positive for corona even though i’m fully vaccinated, but it was always told that you still can get it.
I’m fine and my health is nothing different than the normal nose cold i have when the mornings get cold and the days are still nice. That’s what you get when riding a motorcycle all year, a bit late with an extra layer in the morning or getting rid of a layer at noon.
If i didn’t get a message that someone i got together with had tested positive i would never had myself tested as i didn’t felt sick or any way different than normal.

So, when i came home from the official test (i first did a self quick-test) i decided to give Sporherre a wash just like i already planned and instead of park him in the garage i just parked him in the living room.

Still waiting for the surprise part and the tailtidy but at least i know the ramp in the front of the house works an i hope the surprise part comes in before i get Sporherre dirty again.
For that part i had to be able to get him in the house because the garage will be too cold and dusty to put it on… ooh, what will it be??

In the mean time i also started looking into the TET Finland and another place close to Rovaniemi.
I think i can make it work and i’m thinking of taking Sporherre on the last VFROC ride to get a feeling of a long day in the saddle because i plan to take Sporherre on the Northern trip in July.

2 Replies to “A little step forward”

  1. Leuk man, krijgen we Sporherre ook nog te ziet bij de VFRrit 👍. Het worden vast stickers of zoiets, kou, stof… moet je dan niet hebben, haha.
    Was jij op de tv aan het kijken hoe je een kies moet verwijden of wat voor filmpjes kijk jij?
    Gaaf man, sterkte met de Covid19 besmetting en tot snel.

    1. Dat is het nieuwste nummer van Halestorm, back from the dead.
      Ik speel veel muziek op YouTube tijdens andere werkzaamheden.

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