A day early

Like i said Monday is a too long day at work but Tuesday i went right in with prepping and painting the underside of the tank.

That is a double coat of primer and a triple coat of 2K topcoat. Yes there are some runners but it’s just the underside and i had the can up close to get also some paint in the space behind the spot-welded bracket.
In between layers i worked on the STS module.
There where lots of video’s on YouTube about it and also one with a Yamaha what came in handy with confirming the cable colours and which side the male and female connectors need to come.
When i installed the handlebar i already put in the anti lock rubbers on the switch and after cutting the wires and reconnecting them again it didn’t work…
Maybe if i plug in the main connector back in?

Because the paint dries very fast the time i used buttoning up the STS and putting the front back together (wheel, brakes and fender) the tank already could be handled.
The real hardening can also take place when it’s back in place so i continued and at 21:45 i was ready to make the first test ride to check if everything works as it should.
I set the suspension up to it’s base spec given by #Touratech and put on my riding gear (i never ride without it).
First impression, the suspension is very stiff but the handling is tight. Let’s see if i can find some dirt but the only bits i know close by are a no go and because of the time i don’t want to go too far out. This was my only option, this picture was made during a reconnaissance for the MAG to find out if there are any visible reasons for this closure.

It says that destination traffic is allowed to enter. Funny thing is that there is no definition for a destination so in fact using that road to the right to do a safety check was my destination.

After a few runs up and down i knew it was safe to go to work with Sporherre the next day and what the first adjustment to the suspension setting needed to be.
The next day i took my regular offroad commute back home and that left me a bit confused.
The suspension was still a bit stiff but very planted, do i need to adjust more or first get a bit used to it. It might be not stiff but just firm instead of the sponge what came on it.
If it is a wrong stiff it would try to kick me of with every (speed)bump but that was not the case, on the other hand it was most definitely not comfortable so i did some more adjusting.
Thursday was another try, still nor super comfortable but also not uncomfortable any more so i leave it as is for the upcoming days and Friday on my way to Witteveen for the Advanced offroad training with #adventureshield.nl i go by at #JJSuspension for some finetuning and learning a bit more about setting up the suspension and this suspension in particular.

So, next week there will be no blog unless i just want to share a picture or so.
I’ll try to get some nice footage from the weekend trip. Finally a trip again @Ron 😉.
The way up i have a nice route planned with some dirt tracks and some parts of the TET to get the feel of riding with luggage. It will be not the setup i’m going to use on my ScanBaltic trip but i think i put on the tankbag to see if that will get in the way or not and when it does if i can move it a bit to get it out of the way.
In the back i use the R40 that i have on always with the tools in one side and the clothing for the evening in the other side and i’ll add the Stinger 22 (the stinger 8 is just a bit too small for the shoes).
The training i will do with my daily setup. I can take it of to go in as light as possible but why not learn the tricks with my minimum setup?

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