My Mosko Moto collection got extended

Ascending day was the day of the TET North Netherlands and the first camping trip with Ecsatsy.
i was told that the Mosko Moto Reckless 40 might be a bit too minimalistic, even with the Stinger 22 tailbag instead of the standard Stinger 8 that comes with the R40 when you go camping with full camping gear.
When i took on the TET North i packed like i would go for a week as a test and it really is just a bit too compact.
I managed to take along what i needed but for a complete week it wouldn’t work out, i already had to cramp extra bags under the beavertail.
Even when i invest in a really compact packed air mattress i still needed to use extra bags so i did invest but in the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 with the Scout 30L Duffelbag.

I now have from Mosko Moto the Scout V2.0 35L panniers, the Reckless 40, the Reckless 80 (still have to get the 2 4L Aux Pox but they weren’t available yet), the Scout 30 Duffel, the Scout 60 Duffel and 2 5L Aux Pox converted into crashbar bags.
In this blog i will show you the fitment of the R80 on Ecstasy and the differences between the bags.

The R80 is a “revolver” system which means you have a main/centre harness and two leg harnesses which can be mounted in 4 different positions as the R40 is a one piece.
Reckless is actually a nice pun as it really is “rackless” but for the R80 especially on smaller/slimmer bikes a rear luggage rack is advised and i don’t have one on Ecstasy.
I could go and buy one ending up with a ugly or expensive part but as you might know from the bashplate extension blog i’m quite capable with some metal work so i designed and made one for just a bit of time (my boss sponsored the material).
This is the result of 2.5 hours work.

The R40 has 2 straps on the bag and comes with a cleat kit, this model goes fine without a rack or plate and therefore the extra kit for mounting.
The R80 has 3 straps and that’s why i made it like this.

This is the complete Reckless 80 kit containing the 3 mentioned harnesses, 2 legbags, a tent pole bag, a 20L drysak bag, a heat shield (which i already had fitted from the R40 set) and a hardware kit including a sachet of Loctite to put everything together.
I did make an unboxing video but even though i did check the camera angle on the headstrap it turned out that i didn’t think about it that i look down for the most part with my eyes. Bummer but lesson learned and it was a good practice for speaking non the less.

Then it’s time to fit it on Ecstasy. I measured the straps on the centre harness so the fitment is just how far back i have to go and on which angle i have to fix the leg harnesses.
I’ll just show you that part….

Then let’s go and check out the differences.
First a comparison between the 2 Reckless models. The R40 has 2 smaller bags under the legbag pockets which will fit a 1L fuel bottle each and a soft lined goggle pocket on top of the beavertail under which will fit the Stinger 8 or Stinger 22. There is also a small storage pocket on the inside of the other flap.
The R80 has a lot more molle webbing to extend the capacity even more, on the bottom will come a 4L Aux Pox on each side which will hold 2 1L fuel bottles each or the 4L dry bag that comes with it. The beavertail will hold the Stinger 22 or the Scout 30L Duffel (and i even thing that the Backcountry 30L and 40L also will fit). One flap has a storage pocket and the other a document pocket.
The beavertail of the R80 is removable for when you don’t need the tail space or when you want to use the Scout 60L duffle (i think that one is replaced by the Scout 50L) which come with their own beavertail.

Then let’s have a look at the Scout V2.0 35L panniers next to the Reckless 80.
The panniers comes with a 5L Aux pox for each pannier and you can buy 2 more if you need it as they can be fitted on the back and the front of the panniers.
I’ve chosen for the back but switching the panniers around and you’ll have them on the front. On one side i have 2 1L fuel bottles and in the other the dry bag.

And the last things you can buy at Mosko Moto we have the different tailbags.
The Duffles are both an option for Ragnarok to go with the panniers, the 30L Duffle and the Stinger 22 are the options for Ecstasy with the R80 but that kit can also work on Ragnarok and for the R40 i can choose between the both Stingers

For the panniers and the Scout 60 Duffle i also have a lockstrap, ideal for the longer trips where you also might want to go see something on the way and have to leave the bike unattended.
To fix the Scout 60 on the back i have a pair of Backcountry cinch straps.

And at last the thing you can’t buy at Mosko Moto… shame on you for not having this option in great line of products, or should i say a line of great products??
I’m talking about the crashbar bags off course.
They only need to make some kind of molle webbing harness to strap on the crashbars on which you can screw the Aux Pox.
I took the 5L Aux Pox and used the screws to put some straps on.

And no, they don’t sponsor me for this.
The internet sometimes looks like a slaughterhouse for producers as they get skinned for every futile problem for which they often don’t even get a change to rectify.
Mistakes are made by everybody and it can be annoying because it mostly happens at a bad moment.
But quality is not only making a good product but also how a problem gets solved.
I did have one minor problem with the mounting kit of the panniers and they solved it real good.
At the moment (June 2021) they have a bit of a problem with getting enough stock in due to the Covid situation but they are very open about it and you can read about it on the site.
Even though you might have to wait, i’ll highly recommend their product based on the quality on the products and the aftersales as well.
you can find them on or

New rear tyre

Normally changing a tyre is not really blog material but it was the first time with the tyre-tool and balancer plus things went not as smooth as i hoped so i thought maybe blog material after all.

I was expecting a decent lifespan of the Michelin Anakee Wild on Ecstasy, i ran them on Ragnarok for almost 9000km but on the much lighter XTZ it was over when i got to the halve of those 9k/km.
I have the tendency of getting back to Michelin but that doesn’t mean i have to have Michelins and in the past on the road-bikes i did try some other brands.
Time to try out something else and after searching the net and watching various YouTube reviews and experiences i decided to give the Mitas E09 a chance.

Roads are something i can’t get around but with Ecstasy i always have offroad on my mind and it had to be at least a 50/50 but more hardcore offroad was fine too. It had to be only at least decent on the tarmac and it seams that the Mitas is even pretty acceptable on the boring stuff (for a Ténéré boring that is).
There where 2 options in the E09, a “regular” and a Dakar version and the latter is the same but stiffer with a bit longer lifespan and less likely to get a puncture for only €4,- extra.

I don’t know how about nails but on the last ride to work on the Wild there was something wrong and it felt the same as when the front tyre lost a lot of air but that one i’ve changed for the new one i already had ordered together with the Anakee Wild set.
The first chance i had to stop (no shoulder on that road) the front was fine but the rear wasn’t… a nail.

Too late to turn around to get Ragnarok so the only option was to ride on to the first petrol station to air up (the compressor was on Ragnarok) and hoping the air stayed in long enough to get to work. It didn’t but i could manage to keep it at 100KM/h which is the maximum speed at that time.
After long thinking at work i decided to just air up again to get trough the busy part the first few kilometres and than take it easy on the small roads since i didn’t want to spent an hour fixing the tyre for only 28km as the new tyre was that very day delivered at a parcel puck up point.

Today was wrenching day and with no riding also a good moment to wash the gear as the grey had become sand colour.
As a test i used the onboard toolset to do the job as a check if i had everything complete and working now, i had but didn’t at the same time.
When i had the puncture the last time after the TET NL south it became clear i missed a wrench 22 to take the rear wheel out. I took the one of the board in the garage but that one didn’t seem to work as the nut lies deeper and i can’t get a grip. Will be solved next week.
Than time to take the tyre of and after breaking the bead and taking the old one off i realised that i didn’t use the tyre tool as i should.
I used for the complete tyre the tyre irons but afterwards i figured out i made it hard for me as i could have turned the wheel around and use the lever to break the bead to push the other side of the tyre off.

On the right picture you can see one of the things that made it not a smooth change.
The tube protector increased in diameter and not just a bit… no clue how that was possible as it is bigger than the outside diameter of the complete wheel.

To be sure that i don’t ride to the dealer i called to ask if it is in stock but the regular dealer didn’t answer the phone, they take the time for you when you’re there but it means that f you call they might take the time for another customer end they let the phone longer than i want to wait so i called another shop and they had it in stock.
When i came there and i took my helmet off there was a typical sound of a bike on a Dyno and Ecstasy still needs a new tune for the Power Commander but had to wait for better temperatures (best results come between 15 and 25 degrees).
I had a price from a shop in Belgium end the Dutch shops where all too far away of too expensive but in the search result this shop didn’t came up.
When i asked the price it was only €10 more expensive than the Belgium shop and here i knew for sure it could be done on a Saturday so i made an appointment for 10 july.

Back to the job at hand.
This time the struggle with the valve should be history as i bought a valve puller, a handle with a steel wire and a bit you can screw in the valve.
You feed the threaded part trough the valve hole and than you connect it to the valve, without it you have to wrestle your finger in the tyre trying to guide the valve trough the hole.
Nope… also didn’t go that smooth as the wire of the puller came loose but i managed to fix it but the valve became a struggle after all.
Did i mention that the Dakar version was stiffer?
That also means that it is way harder to get it on the rim but i managed and again without my worst fear for this job. I’m always scared to get a puncture by getting the inner-tube between the rim and the tyre iron.

After cleaning it was time to balance the wheel.
I didn’t do this before on Ecstasy but somewhere i saw a video that it still can make a big difference on knobbly tyres and as i was planning on changing the tyres also on Ragnarok i bought the balancer with the tyre tool and tried it now.

That’s one mean looking tyre 😎

The difference between the Mitas E09 (left) and the Michelin Anakee Wild (right).

Tomorrow i might do something new for the channel, but when i’m not happy with the result you will never know…

Just playing around

Last week i went to my mate Jeffrey who also bought a Ténéré to go play in the sand.
We did the TET Netherlands south section together last year with our big bikes, he on a GSA and i with Ragnarok which was fitted with a set Anakee Wild at the time.
Jeffrey’s brother Ward also went along on a Kawasaki Versys.
It went pretty OK but it was clear that heavy bikes on the TET are a hand full but for me it was still just the start of my offroad adventures, not yet knowing if it was just a bit fun or that i liked it.
I think it is clear by now that i do like it. There is some raw footage of that ride on my YouTube channel.

Jeffrey also wanted to do the Belgium TET but he also just bought his first house and moved in the weekend before i planned to ride the Belgium TET.
He didn’t mind i decided to go north so we can do it together another weekend later this year.
Close to his home there are some nice dirt tracks so last weekend i went there to check out his home and have some fun on the tracks.

Also not far form there is the hill in the TET south track and after some rounds on the dirt track we decided to run that one up and down a couple times.
Compared to other countries it’s just a bump but seeing some video’s from riders taking on the TET it has to be more difficult you might think.
Coming from the north you get a bit longer slope with loose sand and then a pretty steep downhill.
Before i did it the first time i checked some video’s to get an idea what to expect and i saw more experienced riders fail on even more suitable bikes than the XT’s, let alone the Crosstourer which is actually a pure touring bike with just the looks of an allroad.
Ward was behind me and he thought i also was going to fail as Ragnarok waggled his tail quite severe but i made it, don’t ask me how…

In the video of my TET south ride in March you saw that i did it in the opposite direction that time and now we went up and down in both directions.
Strangely enough the steep side up is easier than the longer slope but we had fun and it was nice to experience the same part a few times in a row. I learned that the chosen line can make the difference between seemingly afford-less and a struggle (one time i almost ended up in the bushes).
Sadly i pushed a wrong button on the GoPro so that footage was useless.
We also had the intercoms connected and therefore i put some music under the video to not bother you with our chatter.
Also did something new with the in- and outro, let me know if you like it.

TET Netherlands, north section

Ascension Day plus the Friday after taken off from work so a nice long weekend.
The VFROC weekend had to be cancelled again made me get to plan B as you could have read in the “shorts or not” blog.

The Belgium TET and the 2 sections in the north of the Netherlands where on my short list but i’m also waiting for new dates for the Adventure Shield intermediate training.
That is in the north and maybe i nice combination putting Belgium at the top of the list.
On Wednesday i came across a video of a Belgium terrace where the parasols went up in the air and the rain poured down by the bucket.
The next morning over coffee i checked the weather report for Belgium and that didn’t looked promising.

Since i already had a mudmasters edition this year i checked what was going on to the north.
That looked fine and over breakfast the plan was changed from Belgium to the north.
The bike was packed for camping and there was no plan beyond that making it pretty easy to change the destination and i loaded all 3 tracks into the Garmin XT including a route to the end of the TET north NL… yes, to the end.
The TET was made from north to south but i live in the south of the Netherlands making it logical to go in the opposite direction.
It’s just a track, a line on the GPS without spoken directions like a route. That also explains why i sometimes miss a turn or suddenly get a bit slower seemingly without a reason. In that case i might be unsure if i’m on the right track.

Time to leave, i have a full tank off petrol and a route to the end of the TET with only a little part trough Germany because they are closed due to corona. We are allowed to pass through and if we do so within 24 hours there is no need for a test and registration.
Letting the Garmin make a nice route tot my starting point would be a risk as it was almost immediately into Germany via lots of small roads. I thought it might be hard to convince the police i’m just passing trough and fines starting at €150 up to €25.000 so i gave it a few extra waypoints.
The last bit still was trough Germany but over main roads (bundesstraßßen) and that was very explainable as i had to cross the river Rhine and in that region there is only a bridge in Germany and a few small ferry’s extending my trip with at least 30km.

After 140km i could start my next TET adventure.
Time to start the camera and put in a new element taking myself out of my element.
I finally have a working microphone but i still don’t know how it works out while riding.
Totally uncomfortable talking to nobody, yeah eventually to everybody who watches the video but it feels strange and i’m stumbling because of that.
I hope i get used to it but i don’t like speaking in front of large groups but also don’t like talking to nobody and talking into the mike of a camera making video’s possible to be seen by all the world is both at the same time.
As you might know i really like Itchy Boots and her video’s are easy to watch because she also tells things.
I’m not trying to copy her but i do want to learn from others. It’s also hard to find enough rights free music i like.

I only hope you don’t experience my voice as i do myself but there are several articles on that topic and it seems that it’s completely normal to not like your own voice when you hear yourself on recordings.
Please leave a comment what you think and don’t be afraid to be honest, i can handle it 😉
If you don’t like it there is no use to continue talking but if you do it’s a good reason to do my best to get comfortable with it. If that works out i can maybe tell more about where i am at that moment when i see something interesting.

Back to the ride.
The end is actually a good start as it starts out with some paved roads and then some easy going dirt and gravel roads.
Later on it gets more interesting or exiting and after the mudmasters edition of the south section it’s quite nice to have pretty good conditions.
With that i mean it’s not too wet that it gets muddy but also not dry making it dusty with lots of deep loose sand.
There where some puddles and it was slippery here and there but that was fine, otherwise it might get boring. There has to be some challenge otherwise i better stay on the road.
I even had some loose sand which i really don’t like but this time i get through without falling. I had some moments where the movements where the same when i was with Ragnarok and fell every time.
The 21″ front wheel and less weight really make a difference and who knows, part of the intermediate training is learn t ride in loose sand. Maybe after that i don’t mind it any more.

By now the restrictions are less but at the time of this trip the terraces where only allowed to be open from 12:00 ’till 18:00 and that forced me to go eat early.
Shops are not opened and the Reckless 40, even with the Stinger 22 is just a bit too minimalistic when you have a full camping gear. Taking food with you is not an option.
I did have 2 pack of survival food because i also wanted to test if it would work for longer trips so when necessary i could manage a few days but the Netherlands is too small to need that.
Even on this short trip it was clear that when you travel alone on a motorcycle you never are alone, you always meet people.

After diner it was time to find a campsite. I past a few but they didn’t appeal to me and knowing that i always can get off the track to go somewhere i can find in the Garmin or on Google which i did when it almost was 19:00.
Even for me there comes a moment when it’s time to stop. When i started taking the easy way via the paved bicycle lanes next to the unpaved tracks when it got muddy or loose i knew it was time.
If i didn’t had that option i still could manage the track but you have to stop before that moment comes. That is also something you need to learn before you go to the harder sections.
About 10km off the track there was a biker camping, Café Calluna, and that name sounded familiar because it also was mentioned as an option in the TET GPS file.
There where a few other bikers camping so it ended up being a fun evening.

The next morning it was grey and during breakfast it started raining slightly, time to pack up before it getting worse and it did.
Not really bad but when i checked the radar it turned out that it was a very slow moving front directly over the Drenthe section a was planning to ride staying there for at least 3 to 4 hours.
As i said i didn’t want another mudmasters so i decided to take a scenic route home.
Still have the intermediate training planned and then i’ll make another weekend out of it. After work to a campsite, one day training and the other day the Drenthe section.
No planning, nothing booked and no one to discuss it with.
When i go on a vacation or a TET section further away i have to plan the moment and then i probably will still go in these conditions but then i also hope i have a bit more experience.
At this moment my lack of experience makes me struggle too much to still have fun and i’m trying to avoid loosing the fun of it by riding too much in bad conditions while i still think too much about how and why i do or have to do things on the bike. I need i bit more confidence and learn at least how to properly corner in loose(r) sand and mud and slip on purpose.

Enjoy the first video with speech.
Today i installed the Hyperpro rear suspension on Ragnarok and i ordered a revision kit for the rear master cylinder plus a new rear tyre for Ecstasy.
More about that later on.

VFROC ride 3, Nijmegen to the dunes

The 2nd of May the third ride of the VFROC was scheduled but this one also was cancelled as an official ride out.
In that case we provide our members with the GPS files via mail (normally they can download them from the site of forum board) and ride it on their own when it suits them.
As usual a few does go on the scheduled date and time as i did.

The club always advise to ride in small groups (5 to 8 riders) and when the rules forbid bigger groups it’s not possible just to limit that amount because coming together at the start would still be illegal.
So some members will ride at the scheduled time and others pick another day but at least we can enjoy the ride.
As the title says this was the third ride out of 9 official tours and here is a short impression of that ride.

I took out a lot of footage because i noticed that riding the dikes is fun as they twist along the rivers which we have a lot coming into our country from Germany and Belgium making their way to the North sea.
Editing the footage i noticed that watching it gets boring quite quickly unlike riding them.
In the video you might notice that not only the dikes go along waterways, we Dutch not only remove or fight water but we also live with the water and even create waterways.
Sometimes for transport and another time for irrigation of the many crops as we are one of the biggest food producers of the world, even though we are also among the smallest country’s of the world.
There is a lot wrong in this country (like most country’s) but there is also a lot to be proud of.

At the moment of this ride the terraces just where allowed to open between 12:00 and 18:00 and when the hospitalizations keep going down like the past week there will be more restrictions taken down and just maybe the next ride can be an official club event again.

Shorts or not?

YouTube now have a “shorts” section and my question is should i follow that idea?
Should i do some short messages in between the blogs to have a bit more regular content flow or should i keep saving things up for longer blogs more apart?
Lets see what i mean and then you tell me what you think.

Preparation for the TET.

Thursday is Ascension Day, free day off and i always take the Friday after off also and that means a long weekend.
As i mentioned before that is normally the VFROC Fred Schoenmakers weekend but due to corona it is cancelled and i had two options in my head as an alternative… TET north Netherlands or TET Belgium.
As i want to combine the TET North Netherlands with the Adventure Shield intermediate training i chose TET Belgium.
Yesterday they opened up a bit and that’s enough to allow me to go there and do overnight camping, this was a must as it is a two day track and maybe even three as the TET Belgium is 453km but i still have about 100km of the TET south Netherlands to cover.
I’m planning for 2 days of TET to the start of the French section and 1 day back home but i have 4 days off and therefore not restricted to the 3 days.

The challenge started today with packing Ecstasy for the first time.
Plan was to pack up for a longer trip as a test for next year when i hope to do the TET of Italy and/or Croatia, Bosnia or Montenegro.
Funny thing is that when you go camping it doesn’t really make a difference.
As a motorcycle traveller you don’t need much more when you stay away for a longer time because you have your riding gear on most of the time and you change into something else just for the evening and when you plan it smart and have the right clothing you can wash it just before you go to sleep and let it dry overnight.

The gear i packed is:

  • a tent
  • a sleeping bag with a liner (see last blog)
  • an inflatable mattress
  • an inflatable pillow
  • a chair
  • a tarp
  • a Jetboil with cooking extension and gear
  • one hiking pants
  • one pair of spare socks
  • one extra T-shirt
  • a sweater
  • a first aid kit
  • toiletry
  • toilet paper
  • two packs of survival food, not planning to eat it but also don’t want to end up hungry when it doesn’t work out as planned (especially because there is no plan other than do the TET)
  • the standard toolset (the filled Tooltube i always have with me)
  • the extra interchangeable toolset with the tyre repair kit, compressor and startbooster/powerbank

And even though it is maybe not the best of the best but it is the best you can buy for a reasonable price. It’s still a fear amount of money to buy it all but if you go cheaper the size and weight of the gear are growing exponentially.
When i bought the luggage system for Ecstasy i wanted to keep it minimal but it might be too minimal and i had to get creative to fit it all on the bike but i managed and this is the result.

Compared to Ragnarok on the long trips it is quit compact and it is obvious a have to upgrade to the Rackless 80 when i go on the African adventure.
After all it didn’t turned out as short is i thought, hope you like it anyway 😉

A new sleeping bag

My trusty sleeping bag is over 30 years old and was a spring/summer bag in the first place, you can imagine that it was not the most comfortable night at the Autrian – Italian border last September.
When we woke up there was snow up the mountain we looked upon that wasn’t there the evening of arrival.
Doing a trip like that made me realize that this is what i really like and you could have read the plans for the upcoming 3 to 4 years and investing in a new sleeping bag is a very sensible thing.

Like always i started online checking out prices to get a feel about what i have to spend, i was willing to pay for quality but was not planning to take that into ridiculous figures.
It had to be comfortable around freezing point knowing that i have some passes planned in Romania and also want to go to the North Cape and in both places it can be already a bit chilly in September.
After making a pre selection online and checking stock in the stores it was narrowed down to 2 stores, one in Eindhoven at 75km and in Genk (Belgium) at 35km.
The store in Eindhoven still works with shopping on appointment, a corona measure that has been lifted a week ago and the first moment i could fit in would be Tuesday after work but i am planning to go on a trip on Thursday.
That leaves me not al lot of time to find an alternative when i was not happy with their options.

Genk it is, A.S. Adventure to be precise. It is also the mother company from the other option.
The weather report was not very promising and the radar this morning backed that up so i skipped the touristic route.
It was a nice big shop but not too big and enough staff to help you out.
After talking about what i did and my plans and my pre selection the advice was to get something different with a down filling but i ruled that out because of the big risk of wet conditions.
In that case my choice was not bad at all but than came the reason why i always go ta a shop when i buy important gear.
There was another option giving me the packing size of down and options to choose during the trip when i get in various environments along the trip like the Balkan trip.
On that trip i expect cold weather at the passes but i know that around the time i get in Montenegro it is still possible to have 30 degrees Celsius during the day.

The solution was a sleeping bag with a higher comfort temperature with a separate liner.

The sleeping bag has a comfort temperature of 15 degrees (all Celsius), limit 10 and extreme -2.
The liner lowers all those figures with 15 degrees and when it gets real hot i can use it separate. When it still is too cold i can keep my riding under layer on.
The sleeping bag has the same packing size (maybe even a bit smaller) than the down version able for the lower temperatures but that one would be too warm, even when i just lay on it or completely opened.
But now you have 2 packages i hear you think!

That’s correct…

When i put them together and roll it back up it still fits the compression bag and is strangely enough almost the same size as only the sleeping bag???

All in all a great advice and i’m a happy man.
During the talk the guy who helped me said that i might want to talk with a colleague too as he rides a motorcycle and also follows Itchy Boots.
They both wrote down the address to this blog so to the salesmen from A.S. Adventure, when you get here i welcome you.
Keep up the good work, thanks for the talk and de good advice.
When you subscribe the new blogs will be announced by mail and you can follow the experiences with the gear.
When i need new gear (replacement or add-ons) you will see me back.

Thursday i planned to do the TET Belgium and the last bit of the south NL section (from Nederweert to the Belgium track).
Hopefully it will be dry because i read that some parts can get treacherous when wet, a bit warmer would be nice also but for the night i think i get it covered 😉
Tomorrow i go figure out how to pack Ecstasy and i’m planning to pack for a longer trip than the 2 nights i will do next weekend, just as a test for the plans i have next year.
When the weather is good enough i will do a review of the gear on this trip, if not it just will be another episode of mudmasters i guess 😅.

What’s up next?

Corona still keeping us hostage but that doesn’t mean life is standing still.
Tomorrow there was a VFROC ride planned but this one is also cancelled, at least as an official ride but will go on as an individual ride.
I planned to do all the cancelled rides on the set date and regular times and i know there are some other members who do that so i will see who i will be at the starting point tomorrow.

After the new vlog setup test i discovered that a external mike was needed and the mounting on the bike had to be more fixed.
To get that done i ordered an external mike and some different mounting parts.
One of the parts is in and i also ordered an extra base, now i have to change the base between Ragnarok and Ecstasy witch is annoying.
The mike is also in, maybe i will test it during the ride tomorrow.

The last expensive item on the wish-list also arrived. The Hyperpro rear suspension for Ragnarok and the shocktube to protect it.

Now i just need to find the time to install it and do the rear HEL brake-lines as well, those i had put on hold to tackle at the same time to spare an extra time taking the rear apart.

A small job on the back i did do was changing the oil in the final drive witch is scheduled every 3 years but with my mileage it was already 38k/km in 2 years and i will plan the next one at 25k/km because it is noticeable. That means 38k is too much.

The Fred Schoenmakers weekend is also officially cancelled due to Covid-19 as the Germans shut down the border with the Netherlands and is is unclear for how long this time.
This VFROC weekend is called after a board member who died in a motorcycle accident on the way to the hotel we would go 2 years ago.
He and i where on our way to do a final check of the routes and plan the final details with the hotel.
He was in a coma for another week and a halve and died on the 27th of April in 2019 after disconnecting the life support. He was nuts about ice cream, often we did an ice round on those weekends after the normal planned day-trip. Not rarely around 100km after the regular 250 – 300km day-trip.
Fred enjoyed life and died during what he loved doing so instead of weeping about our loss we remembered him enjoying an ice cream. Also just realised this year he died on Kingsday, that means we always have the day off to go for ice cream and hopefully with all his friends and family without Covid limitations next year.

Now the weekend is off the plan is to do another TET section, just figuring out if it will be North Netherlands or Belgium. Belgium just opened the borders but it’s still not completely clear in what degree but as far i know also for unnecessary travel and my colleague who lives in Belgium says even the police there doesn’t know for sure.
In that case a 3 day trip won’t be a problem.
Just need a new sleeping bag as mine is 30 years old and still fine but not suitable for these temperatures and last September at the Austrian – Italian border it wasn’t either.
If the Balkan trip or the Norwegian will be possible in September this year there will be places it also won’t be sufficient , time to go shopping next weekend.

A regular commute

After receiving all the parts to mount the old and the new GoPro on the bike end helmet it was sadly not the best of weather for filming.
Last week there was the right weather on the right day, not needing to take Ragnarok for grocery’s so time for the test.

The footage form the old Hero 3+ was not usable because the mounting with the RAM balls is too flexible and resulted in a wobbly image.
The new Hero 8 black on the Pro shot helmet mount is nice.
Below is an film of the “long way home” with just the camera. The long way is the first track in the opposite direction going a bit north-east instead of south to take a few extra tracks before going south.

The day after i did the direct route with after the start of the film below de parts from 7:18.
Even with Ragnarok i take the last bit regular, the forest part i also did with him but the exit is a bit tight and often i have the bags filled with grocery’s including eggs and i don’t want to bump those into the post.
I also filmed that and now with the mediamod but i need an external mike to make that work as i want. That’s what the test was for, to discover what the differences are and i already figured i would need an external mike.

I announced before that i wanted to film my way home to share that with you and this was a nice moment.
Now i can try to figure out a way to mount the old Hero 3+ steady enough and find an external mike to make future movies more interesting.
There are plans enough for this year. The VFROC weekend will most likely be cancelled and the TET Belgium or NL north. Belgium has opened up but still with limitations but i want to do them both this year and this is just choosing which can or has to be done first.
Then there is the next Adventure Shield training, now it’s time for the intermediate training and probably next year the advanced and off-course the 3 week trip, hopefully the originally planned Balkan tour from last year or plan B which is planned for next year.
Enjoy the film…

The channel is still alive

It’s been quiet but just because of lack of items.
There was a unofficial ride with the VFROC but the weather was not the best and filming would be just a waste of time but we had fun anyway.

Today i finally had the time and weather to test the new camera and the new mounting of the old.
I have a route home with some offroad and also an extended version and now i did the extended version. Tomorrow i have to be home in time so then i’ll do the direct version but will do another test, this time with the mediamod added to the GoPro 8.

I already took a quick peek and the setup for the old one (Hero 3+) is too wobbly so i have to figure out a solution for that.
After the test tomorrow i have some material to edit and share the two ways home.

The weekend following Ascension Day is normally the VFROC weekend but with a locked up Germany this will most likely be cancelled again.
In that case i probably will go do the TET Belgium as that country is back open since last Sunday night, that was already on my to do list for this year.
Wednesday the 28th we have the first step to reopen the country, a day too late because the 27th it is Kingsday but i have something planned anyway.
So there are things to come and hopefully nicer weather to go with those plans.