Preparing Sporherre

Still have the VFROC weekend blog to finish but getting Sporherre ready is more important and that used up most of this weekend.
Thursday after work i give him a wash to avoid sand getting in places you don’t want when working on it. When i finished i needed to wait a bit for the rain to end to ride it with a bit bigger loop around to the garage, the bigger loop was to get a bit of temperature in the oil for better drainage and let him sit overnight.

Friday i got a head start by cleaning the air filter and filling the oil up again with the new oil filter and crush seal on the drain bolt.
A mod often done on the T7 is removing the snorkel form the air filter cover but that will leave a hole like a bucket and i don’t like horizontal holes so i did it halve by cutting the inside part off.

Saturday i got up early and started with a run to the dump to get rid of 5 tyres and 17 litres of used oil that accumulated the last few years. I did a run for tyres before but forget the oil.
When i got back i decided to clean u the garage first, it annoyed the hell out of me a long time. I like everything in it’s place but often i don’t have time to clean after a job and then it annoys me every time i come home but ones back in the house i get distracted by other stuff like the blogs and forget.
When it is time for a new job i just need to get order to know where everything’s at and have space to put parts i take off the bike.

Now it’s time to start working on what was needed.
For today (Saturday) i’m planning to get the rear done, that means the rear wheel out to change the tyre and bearings as well as the bearings on the sprocket carrier plus the new sprocket.
OEM is 15 teeth in front and 46 in the rear and i switched to 16 in front to get a little less rpm on the highway and i bit better fuel economy.
I liked it but also liked the OEM so now i’m opted the middle of that and went back to the 15 front but now have a 45 rear. A bit of a gamble to start a big trio without trying but it should be the best of both worlds and the fuel economy was not a real big difference so i’m not afraid for that.
For the rest i had to change the front sprocket and chain plus the chain roller which originally is a plastic roll with a bushing and i changed it for a polyurethane with bearings and that should eliminate the vibrations in the left footpeg. Also went for new brake pads all around.

Sunday was time for the front.
Also a new tyre and bearings plus brake pads and fill up the left fork because on the way back from the advance training i had a leak.
Since it is a closed cartridge this oil is just lubricant for the bushings and has no effect on the suspension so i just estimated what i probably lost and checked both legs if that bold in the bottom still was tight.

When i got the fender back on the work was done and i could move to the next step, putting the Reckless 80 on.
I’m planning on taking him one day to work to check if everything is right and grease up the linkage of the rear suspension as i don’t have a grease syringe but did put in a grease nipple.
It was not logic to put the Reckless 40 on for that one day.
Since the test trip on the TET Belgium i added the 4L molle pouch and today i found a way to latch the first aid kit on top of the other holster, it is a drybag kit and i like to have that visible in case of an emergency plus it saves a little space in the bag which was on the limit.
I didn’t checked the rules in the country’s yet but because a lot of country’s demand a high vis jacket when stranded beside the road and some even require a hazard triangle even on a motorcycle. Just to be sure i put those under the seat where it’s not in the way but i have it when needed. The white thing is the triangle, it’s a helmet cover.

I hope to get the VFROC weekend finished this week after all but i do not promise anything, the upcoming trip is just 4 evenings away. I don’t count the Monday because my standard long workday leaving me next to nothing for preparing anything.

The countdown has started…..

Finally in

I made a start with the footage of the VFROC weekend but it’s far form ready but there is news.
Friday the exhaust finally came in. When i ordered it early April it already was postponed from end of March to end of April but end of April it moved on to 31st of May, then 15th of June and after a mail there was hope they came in a bit before that and it was changed to the 4th of June and then to the 21st of June.
That was the day they really got in at the dealer and last Friday (24th of June) i could pick it up at the parcel point.
It was already in the evening when i have it in hand and Saturday i had a run with sidecars and trikes for disabled people i accompany as a traffic controller so i planned to do it today (Sunday).
But the wait was too long and i ended up doing it Friday after all and this is the result.

Saturday was a perfect day for the run with trikes and , after some heavy rains the days before it was dry and mostly sunny with just a few dark moments but without rain.
After 2 years not ba able to do it due to Covid it was also nice to see all who we do these runs with, fellow traffic controllers who all do this as a volunteer.
It was also 5 years ago that one of the organisation died in a motorcycle accident during the run.
His wife and friend continued the runs (there are several) but this one always give them mixed feelings but together we pulled it off again. There where a lot new TC’s and a few of the older who stopped, that and the fact we couldn’t do anything for over 2 years there where some startup issues in the first round but after addressing them in the break the second round went a lot smoother.

Today (by the time you reading this it’s at least already yesterday) the Louis store in Aachen (Germany) had Sunday opening from 13:00 to 18:00 so after breakfast and a bit of editing waiting for the store to open and the rain to end i went there for some last items to take on the trip.
My technical underwear needed replacement but the Rev’it i had almost doubled in price since i bought the set i have and clothing i like to see, feel and be able to fit. This time i went for a Vanucci set saving me over €40 over a new Rev’it set with a nice incidental black, grey orange colour scheme.
Also needed an emergency cable set in case a throttle or clutch cable breaks and when looking for that i spotted a roll of hose clamp with spanners to cut to the size you might need, also very handy in case of a trail fix.

Almost complete, just have to find an affordable powerbank/startbooster in case of a battery fail.
Already have a good powerbank for the phone, Cardo or camera battery’s but my startbooster died… again.
My first broke the charging port and the next didn’t charge anymore. Never needed it on a trip for myself but i did needed it a few times so i like to have one with me just in case.
The rest is just preparation like servicing Sporherre (all the parts are in), packing and double checking…. looking forward to the trip.
I hope i find some time to finish the VFROC weekend blog this week because from Friday the preparation starts.

Trial (and error?)

It’s not quite chronological but the Fred Schoenmakersweekend with the VFROC was a bit too much footage to go through the last few weeks.
Instead this is about the weekend after where i planned to do the TET Belgium and test the luggage setup for the ScanBaltic trip as i’ve never ridden with the R80 since i bought it a long time ago for the longer trips.

The second last blog was about the packing of the set and now it’s time to get into that trip…
It was quite a disappointment but still a good and successful one because i learned from it what i wanted and due to the unfortunate weather even a bit more like my tent is waterproof but i need to pay a little attention when i set him up.
I didn’t have enough tension on the closed side causing the outer layer touch the inner layer and with heavy rain condensation will form and water will come in even when the tent is perfectly fine.
Also the Klim gear is not waterproof on long and heavy exposure any more and it’s not the fault of the Goretex® laminate but more the abuse from my side i guess.
It has a 5 year warranty but several crashes and run inns with flora will void that.

I knew the weather was going to be an issue but unlike last year i didn’t decide to skip the Belgium TET because of the weather i hoped for the best but accepted it and have to be grateful as it might safe me from bad moments on the real trip.
But what about when this happens on the Scanbaltic trip you might ask?
Well, it’s a real big difference to be on the road far from home exploring and get to new places. You also don’t have a choice and just focus on all the good things instead of moaning about the weather.
This trip was not TET worthy and even though the linesmen did a good job in avoiding the Belgium concrete jungle and providing some nice to beautiful scenery i just wanted to do some offroading.
I work 3km as the crow flies from Belgium and live 16km that way from it so i can still do the rest at any given weekend if i want to.

The South Netherlands part i didn’t do yet gave me all the feedback i needed regarding the feel off the weighted bike offroad.
Where i picked this part up started with my nemesis, loose sand, but that went all well and in hindsight i think i would be able to go a lot faster. The exploration day with Jeffrey learned that is just is better to slow down sometimes.
In this part i also came across some single track and a fallen tree on that trail provided something that gave me the chance to see what strange movements do with the bike.

After the TET Belgium i think we do have some beautiful offroad options and i just hope the selfish bunch among us will find out that they’re not only destroying the fun for the majority that does mind the other people on the tracks but also for themselves.
More and more offroad is getting closed for Motorbikes and luckily the MAG has taken this also on but in the end it’s only us who can stop the regulation madness.
Loud is out and just go slow passing pedestrians and extra slow with animals, it really does help how people see us.

Sum up from what i learned this weekend and what i did.
– Need to pay attention to setting up the tent.
– Bike feels great even with the extra weight i did manage to keep pretty low i think.
– Gear is not waterproof any more. Have already small packing rain pants and bought a Rev’it Rain Smock Barrier.
– Need a little extra space, not to take more but to be able to pick up some grocery’s. Bought a 4L molle pouch from Mosko Moto.
– Have to try to figure out how to improve audio on the Insta360, you’ll see in the video what i mean.
– Already knew the Arai is bad in wet conditions. The Nolan was due for a change (age) anyway so i bought the Nolan N70-2 X which i thought will we the best compromise between the Arai X4 tour and the Nolan N104.
– My dinerplate is too large. Had it lying around but in this setup the size is too much off from the rest of the cooking gear. Bought a smaller one.
– Took a hoody but figured the Gerbing jacket can also be used as an evening jacket and is about the same thickness as the hoody and it even doesn’t look bad.

Still have to try to execute my idea for the microphones but try to get that done somewhere this week and hope i will find some time to do the FS weekend but i also have the St Joseph run (handicaped people in sidecars/trikes) this Saturday and prepare Sporherre for the trip.
All the parts except the exhaust are in and still own a house that needs some attention, dirt is to play in… not to live in.
Let’s end again with some pictures and the video… until the next one.

Just another update

I thought i could manage to put the video from last weekend together but i had more footage then i expected, not all useful but just a bit too much for the short evenings and this weekend i was away for the most of it too but there are some things worth mentioning i think.

Last weekend was a preparation for the ScanBaltic trip and it was a disappointing one but very useful at the same time.
The TET Belgium was no offroad but i had a part of the TET south Netherlands to go and that was enough to get a feel for the large luggage setup on Sporherre.
From the late evening on Saturday and whole Sunday it was raining cats and dogs which i didn’t hoped for but that too was a good thing.
What i learned was that i was not finished spending money. I could do with the luggage capacity but i ordered the 4L molle pouch to add to the R80 and i can do without the hoody plus i need to get a smaller diner plate.
The Molle pouch is not for taking more with me but to have some storage for when i buy some food on the way to prepare in the evening at a campsite. Also had a cleat kit come with it because i didn’t like the options for the leg straps and don’t want to move the ones i have for the R40 every time i change between the sets.
I had that one and thought it was not a problem but it just an inconvenience.
Also my gear is not as waterproof as it once was so i also ordered a new rainjacket. I had one but it packs to large so i bought the Rev’it Rain Smock Barrier, the rainpants i have is already a small pakkage.

There is also news from the parts department that where planned. Brakepads and chain set are in and i ordered a set Heidenau K60 Ranger but changed my mind so ordered a set Anakee Wild too, didn’t wanted to gamble with tyres i don’t know.
Like many parts tyres are also a problem so i didn’t cancel the Rangers because both sets where in backorder so i figured that spreading the chances to get some in time with the idea that unfamiliar tyres are always better than no tyres and i need a new set when i’m back anyway.
With the Rangers it was the rear tyre that was in backorder and with the Wilds it was the front but some came in only not enough to fill all backorders and i was to far back in line.
They didn’t leave it with that and sourced a tyre with a dealer in Spain but it would cost me €20 extra or i have to wait until the next delivery with no idea when that will be so the tyres will be in this week. No hurry with the Rangers and i have the tyres i wanted for the trip.

The exhaust is still a problem with delivery dates going back and forth from end of April to 31 May and on to 15 June then back to 4 June an now 11 June so lets see what it becomes tomorrow.
I checked for another but i don’t like the Camel ADV routing and they are just like the HP Corse way too expensive .
Just wait this week if the MIVV will finally do come in and check another option i still have but want to get a quote and options because i want EURO spec to avoid problems on my ways because i’m not riding just in the Netherlands where they just look at dB numbers and not a mark.
Just need an Oil filter (oil i still had from last change because i ordered extra) so in a few weeks i can start preparing Sporherre.

I do have a movie for you guys but not one of my own.
Remember the Dutch ride out with Pedro Mota? Well, he published his version and me and Sporherre are in it so i figured it’s worth sharing here.
You may want to check his channel too.

Packing for the ScanBaltic trip

No, it’s not time yet but i’m about to head out for the TET Belgium and packed for the big trip to check if i have everything and get the feel of the extra weight in offroad situations.
The total of the luggage that contains camp gear, cooking supplies (incl. 2 dried meals for an emergency) clothing incl. the Gerbing heated jacket and gloves (regular temperature in July up north is between 0 and 15C), camera and other electronics and the tools.

What do i bring?
The camp gear, from left to right and to ’till bottom:
Tent, chair, pillow, mattress, sleeping bag including a liner, a tarp, a hammer for the tent pegs and some rope for whatever (washing line was it;s last use).

This alls fits in the 30L duffel situated as tailbag.

Then we have the rest besides 2 MSR 1L fuel bottles, compressor and first aid kit.

The short version:
Camera and electronics, tools, cleaning and cooking, shuffle, tube (for the frond but also fits the rear), lock, 2 hiking pants, hiking shoes, flip-flops, 2 T-shirts and a longsleeve, 3 underpants, Gerbing heated jacket that doubles as a evening jacket plus gloves, a hoody, 3 pair of socks and a jersey.
That’s all i take for 3 weeks and i wouldn’t take more if it where 3 months.

The hiking pants are light and dries very quickly just as the Rev’it underwear that i use as the base and it works best without other underwear.
Big mistake many riders make is that they forget that they wear their riding gear all day but they pack like they wear a regular outfit all day.
When it’s cold you don’t sweat so you easily can wear the normal gear a whole week just in the evening and when it’s hot you can wear the one shirt and wash the other when you arrive at your overnight place, it will dry overnight and that’s why i have 2 T-shirts.
The longsleeve, hoody and jacket are for a bit chilly, cool and cold and can be combined to get a very big range of comfort.
This all have to fit in here:

The duffel with camp gear weighted in at 8,7kg and the Fatty toolrol 3,6kg which are both packed under the beavertail of the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 together with a 0,75L bottle of water.
The right side contains the compressor en first aid kit in the aux pox and clothing in the leg bag which weighs 4,9kg (without the things in the aux pox).
This is the light and inflammable stuff because of the exhaust.
The left has the 2 MSR bottles with spare fuel and all the rest other than the electronics and weighs 6,4kg (also without the MSR bottles).
The tankbag has the electronics which can be charged while riding, an emergency biffy (sleeping bag), 2 extra tube scarfs (normal and cold weather) and the hot or wet gloves depending on which i’m wearing.
The total of alle the luggage without what’s in the aux pox is 26,8kg but that’s less than 3kg so just shy of 30kg.

And this is Sporherre ready to roll…

Scouting for trails

A few weeks ago my friend Jeffrey came over for the weekend to scout for some trails south of where i live.
One time on my way home i took the first exit on a roundabout where i normally take the second just to see where it get me but still going somewhat in de direction back home.
I ended up in an area with lots of dirt roads/track showing on the Garmin XT and i also spotted a few already without forbidden for bikes signs but in the wrong direction.
A couple did go in de right direction and it was a nice surprise with a good reason to check it out one time and this was the time.

It took some time to get the agenda’s to match up because Jeffrey had to work some weekends and others we had a VFROC ride out (he’s also a member) or other things to do.
Plan was to show him my nice offroad commute and then check what the south had to offer. After that have some beers and see what or where we get something to eat and the next day he would go back home.

The evening before i figured it might be smarter to drive towards him to do the commute part as it was not far from his route to my place.
Then have lunch and still have more time for exploring.
Good thing you could have seen the commute part in another video because i wanted to film it from the handlebar but i didn’t tighten the camera good enough so i filmed the sky once i hit the dirt.
The angle was not right anyway so nothing really lost and a learning moment, still thinking for a angle that works.

It was a good day and you could have read i destroyed my 1,5 month old handlebar and replaced it but that was good too even though it was another expense i could have done without but just imagine this has happened on my ScanBaltic trip.
Now i know the OEM handlebar is too weak and the new one hopefully is crash proof (to an extend off course).
I also know the Klim gear is up to it and the body armour does what it has to do.
Because i have several restaurants within 1km just across the park we decided to go out. The steak house didn’t had a free table but as i said there are more so we ended up at a Greek restaurant with also enough meat to choose from.

I leave you with a few pictures and the video, i kept it short (about 13 mins) and no music this time. I tested a wind sock but that only works at low speed, just turned the volume down for some engine noise in some occasions but also because i didn’t had very much time but wanted to put this blog up.

Not everything motorcycle

I started editing the video from the weekend with my friend Jeffrey when we went exploring some tracks here in the south.
But as a house owner sometimes you need to do some other thing.
I was planning on painting the door and window of the garage because the paint was coming of, had the paint already ordered a while ago and this weekend should be the moment.
Last week however i came home twice with the power cut off.
That also means the fridge/freezer stop cooling and when that happens when i’m away even if i empty the freezer as much as possible when i go on a long trip but also no lighting and window shutters simulating someone home to prevent burglary.

I narrowed it down to the pond so i shut the pumps off and that had to be addressed first.
There’s no fish but the water is just relaxing and the birds love the little stream but it also keeps the water clear.
The first thing i thought was the problem was not the problem, not a bad thing to change before it gets a problem but no fix yet.
Second attempt was cut of one pump and then the other and the first attempt showed that the problem should be in the waterfall pump.
At the fourth shop i finally found a pump and when i got back and fixed that issue there was no time left to start sanding, i did removed some loose paint with a scratcher and then started editing but halve way it was enough.

Today i got the door cleaned and sanded plus the outside painted so it is at least safe to hae the rest done next weekend.
This is definitely not my favourite job and with a long day tomorrow i didn’t feel like finishing the movie.

I did get a new Insta360 One R 4K camera, i bought one a while ago but it was a returned item with a discount but it turned out to be broken.
Because it was not a brand new one the warranty would get me my money back but not a new device.
When i picked up my rear tyre for Ragnarok at the neighbours he had 1 parcels????
It turned out to be a new camera under warranty and goodwill.
I did a test run (my regular commute) and it has good images but i need to find a better angle. I wanted that one for a few reasons.
One is because it’s modular and i can switch the display around from front to rear view whatever direction i use the camera. Second is i can buy a separate 360 degree lens (hopefully i find one before the ScanBaltic trip) and third i can use it without mods on a constant external power-source like the USB on the bikes.
Now i only need to find the best angle that works when i’m sitting and standing.

I also did some work to Sporherre.
I fitted new tyres i didn’t get in on time for the scouting weekend and they’re also not the tyres i wanted. Reason for that is also the reason i don’t buy tyres and parts at my regular supplier again. The tyres i wanted where available at an online shop but according to him my sizes where not available yet. He would ask why that online shop did have them but i never got an answer and when i decided not to wait any longer they where also not available any more at the online shop.
I really wanted to test them to see if it was the answer for the mileage problem of the already expensive but great Michelin Anakee Wild and i don’t like to start with an unfamiliar tyre on a long trip.
As a compromise for the price i bought a Mitas E09 Dakar for the rear which i ran on Ecstasy and has the same mileage as the Anakee Wild under Sporherre but is a lot cheaper.
For the front i now have the Mitas E13 because of the bad reviews of the E09 front.

Also got a new handlebar, a Renthal Fatbar because the previous owner bend the original one and i bend the new one i got under warranty meaning the OEM is just not strong enough.
I was hoping the spending finally ended but can’t ride with a bend handlebar. Funny thing is i waited 4,5 months for it and destroyed in within 1,5 months…. nah… not funny at all.
Lets end with some pictures of the work.
First the handlebar. When i get the handlebar replaced i asked if i could get the black form the T7 Rally but now i could choose between black and orange.
Black was better than grey but orange even better!

And the tyres

Until the next one….

Pedro Mota Dutch ride out

A couple of weeks ago the Dutch/Portuguese YouTuber and solo motorcycle traveller Pedro Mota did a shout out for a ride out the next day.
I had plans to build the new fence i had sitting in the corner of my patio for a few weeks waiting for at least 2 days free time and descent weather.
Then the shout out came and as a follower i thought it was not only an excuse to go riding but also meet like-minded people and off course get my site a bit of exposure.

I’m not a fanboy kind of person so it was not to meet Pedro the 69k subscribers YouTuber but to meet Pedro the guy who brings video’s that are nice to watch and give me some ideas for my own trips.
I think we are all equal and the only thing that makes us different is where we come from and what that background did with our interests and i have the feeling Pedro thinks the same.
I think we have some similarities and it was just like riding with one of my friends.

If you follow him too you know he’s a big fan of historic buildings so we gathered at a fortress and also had lunch at a fortress.

He also wanted it typical Dutch for his international followers so a lot of dyke roads but those aren’t hard to find here.
Only in the north we don’t have much rivers but we solved that by digging canals but the roads next to that are not that exciting because canals are very straight.
Unless you go offroad like in my Adventure Shield advanced video, then the water can be a bit scary.

I and i think we all had a great day, one guy did fall at a traffic light and hit the asphalt hard with his head. That’s why we wear helmets and he just had i mild headache and minor damage on his bike. We taped the indicator back with the electrical tape from my toolkit.
Just 2 corners away we had lunch where he could have a bit of rest before heading back home. I hope the damage was not too expensive.

After lunch we rode a bit more, some went home after lunch and a few stayed until the end.
Pedro and one of the others also had to go south so until Eindhoven we rode together but most of that was highway.
Pedro had some work to do and from where we split i had to go another 70km to go.
The last bit i took my regular route form work to get some dirt after all.
The sun was starting to set and normally i don’t take the forest part because there are deer that come out at that time and i don’t want to scare them or worse, hit them.
But i did very calm hoping to see one but not this time.
It was a good day and because it was Easter i had the Monday off from work and had my 2 days after all to fix the fence.

Oops i did it again…

This weekend i had some fun with my mate Jeffrey exploring the neighbourhood scouting for some offroad and this time i tested the crash protection at speed.
It passed with flying colour but the previous owner bend the handlebar and no i bend the new one, it definitely needs a stronger one.

The exhaust was also bend again so i hope the high mounted i ordered will come in sooner than later, the word on the street is that MIVV would start delivery the 30th of April so it should be in this week i guess.
New handlebar is also ordered but that and this weekend is a story for later, this was just a teaser.

For next weekend i was planning to get the ride out with Pedro Mota edited and written down and the week after this exploration weekend.
Project Africa is also starting to to turn into some sort of plan in my head but you have to wait ’till after the ScanBaltic trip for that.
Have a nice week and until the next one…

All sorts off stuff

That’s right, there is a lot of little things going on.
2 weeks ago i went on a ride out with Pedro Mota but i haven’t had time yet to do something with the footage. Keep track of his channel because i might end up in his version but i don’t know when he’s uploading it because he doesn’t have a very tight schedule.

Why didn’t i had time?
I was waiting for a 2 day weekend with nice weather to put up the new fence a had in the backyard for a while now. The old one was rotten and fell over May last year and was held up by a couple of ratchet straps.
Luckily that weekend was Easter so even with the spontaneous ride out on Saturday i still had 2 days.
The second picture was taken when i took the old down but is better in place there.

Glad that was done and the weekend after was filled also.
Saturday i went back north not far from Witteveen where i did the Offroad training but now with Ragnarok for the VFROC forum tinker day, not much tinkering going on but meeting forum members and give them a chance to meet the club members and maybe get them exited to get a full membership is actually the main goal.
When i got back i had the odo raised with 650km and more to come the next day.

Sunday was the first truckrun since Covid hit. A truckrun is a ride out with trucks for the disabled and i do a bunch of them (or with trikes/sidecars) as a traffic controler.
In this particular run i was for the second time the the main guide.

My job was to ride behind the police van and decide when and how fast we go.
It was a 65km tour but it was more exhausting than the 650 the day before but well worth it. The clients where smiling, the truck drivers where happy and the crowd was cheering. On top of that the weather was just great too.

When i started this blog i had some business cards made and they where finished so i ordered a new batch with some improvement.
The new have the logo with the “.nl” in it on the front and in the back there is not the website address any more but my name, a better description what the site is about, may mail address and a QR code to the site.
They also print clothing so i ordered a long sleeve too, i needed something between a sweater and a T-shirt.

Today is Kings day, a day off from work to celebrate the kings birthday.
For me it’s a day to commemorate a friend who died after a motorcycle accident on a weekend trip together to check out the routes for the club weekend in 2019.
He was crazy for ice cream, sometimes on those weekends we came back from the day trip around 300km and then we went of again to get ice cream 50km away from the hotel.
Today it was just me and Ron, a friend of my deceased friend but since the funeral we became friends too and what way better to commemorate him?

Go have an ice cream together off course.

It was a bit of a ride so i made a nice route there hitting some sand too and i knew there was some sand close to a WW I memorial.
A piece of the “dead wire”, an electrified fence which was back then 332km long to separate the by Germany occupied Belgium and neutral Netherlands.
It was not very effective because it didn’t took them long to discover rubber boots and gloves was enough to climb the fence without getting fried.

Did you know why we have such good cheese?
We let our cows relax at the riverside.

Somewhere this week i changed my front sprocket on Sporherre from a 15 too a 16 tooth to see how that works out for fuel consumption.
This configuration reduces the RPM which is nice on highway speed and should reduce fuel consumption. You loose some power on the low end but the T7 has power enough to overcome that and getting him to slide offroad is still easy.
Today was a good day to get an impression, not sure if i keep it but at least until i change the chain set before i leave for the North Cape.
On this trip i was not very impressed with what i gained in kilometres. I did to Witteveen with the 15T 1:21,75 and today 1:22,3.
Normal weeks with the standard commute it went even down from 1:19 and a bit to 1:18 and a bit.

The upcoming weekend i have a friend over, Jeffrey.
He had a VFR and bought a BMW GSA and we did the TET south NL with the big bikes and when i bought Ecstasy he also bought a XT660Z.
Saturday we go do my commute in the opposite direction and then go back south to do some more exploring where i ended up on that single track i shared before.
When we come back we have a few beers and he will crash in the spare bedroom… no drinking and riding.
Until the next one