I had Sporherre done… or was that an illusion?

Yes i said he was finished and as perfect as he could be.
But then there came a fix for something that wasn’t perfect that was not even in the making when i said that.
It was quite an annoying imperfection so when there was a fix presented by an engineer and producer of ADV products who also rides a T7 i just couldn’t resist.
The brake pedal was called “spongy” by a lot and other said the rear brake was not working at all.
The brake did work and was not spongy but the problem was that the travel was too long making it seem spongy or not working because you just should not flex a foot that far.

@CamelADV made “the fix” and i already had the one finger clutch from them and when i’m at it i just ordered the footpegs too.
The OEM footpegs weren’t that bad, not perfect but good enough to resist buying something better until now.

Rally-motor.nl is the Camel ADV in the Netherlands and i now discovered they where located in Maasbracht where i lived for 16 years and still work so i ordered these parts and said i will pick it up saving the postal costs.
Friday i got an e-mail that the package was ready for shipping??? When i mailed Wouter from RM he said he was away a lot next week so he shipped it free of charge so i will have it soon as possible (it was delayed already).
Great parcel company… not. It supposed to be here the next day but in the app it said it was planned for Tuesday evening.
Not a problem because i was going away Saturday afternoon until Sunday. This morning i did see a mail but thought it was the mail from Friday i left as unread and when i got home on the laptop i noticed it was a new mail saying the parcel was for delivery today (Sunday) and that timeslot was just started at that moment and at 15:00h it arrived.

Next week i need to change the tyres and i was planning to take this on at the same time but i decided to do it right away. It was too early to start with diner and too late to start some editing and it seemed like a easy job.
It was and just a bit over an hour later i was back on the couch and this is the result.

The Camel ADV footpegs are not bigger like most people opt when upgrading but my reason was grip and the weight loss is i nice bonus.
Here in the Netherlands the muddy season can be quite long and slipping off the footpeg is not what you want. A bigger footpeg may be more comfortable when standing for long distances but it also can be in the way when you need to put your foot down unplanned.
The only upgrade i now can think of is changing the brake fluid from OEM DOT4 to DOT4 racing but that is a regular maintenance item that is needed in the near future.
Tomorrow is test day, on the way to work road test and the way home offroad test… in the dark.
Next weekend tyres and planning for the Christmas Truckrun but i hope to finally get another episode of the ScanBaltic trip in but no promises.

Nothing but a lot is going on

Still no new episode due to lack of time but it’s all to end up with more time for those things and also some fun keeping me away from home.
Last week i had my last board meeting with the VFROC, until the annual members meeting end of January it;s just helping the new guy getting started.
Also full on with the Christmas Truckrun organisation until the 17th and then it’s all for the new guys there too. For that i had a meeting on Thursday.

But like i said also fun stuff.
Friday i had concert of Stahlzeit, a very good Rammstein coverband and as i’m writing this quickly it’s about time to leave to Haarlem for a concert from Sepultura with Sacred Reich.
Next week i have a thank u diner with the volunteers of the VFROC and the 1st of December i go to Alter Bridge with Halestorm in Amsterdam.

So not much to say.
Oh yeah, i now can make a post on YouTube too. Don;t know if that’s because i reached a certain amount of views or because i caved in and went for premium to get rid of the commercials. I follow some channels and always listen to music there when i’m doing stuff in and around the house.
Like i said in my first post on YouTube, it’s like the E10 or other questionable fuel… Better bad fuel than no fuel if there’s nothing good.
Now off to Haarlem with a stop on my way at my ex because it’s her birthday tomorrow.

Some love for Ragnarok

With Sporherre i have a new partner in crime and he became my main bike, not because i don’t like Ragnarok any more but going offroad is just too much fun.
Ragnarok will stay and i take him 2 times a week to work for the grocery’s on the way back and when i have to go somewhere and it’s just an A to B ride without time to take the small roads with maybe some dirt it’s also the bike to use.
The odo past the 120.000km so it was time for some love.

For regular maintenance it was time for new spark plugs, coolant, oil and filter, air filter cleaning and valve clearance. A big service.
I hate rushing these jobs so he’s out of the running for a couple of weeks so also a good moment to do some cosmetic work. The pannier racks and rear luggage rack where rusty ad oxidated and the crashbars where used and rattle canned to protect the bare metal.
The last ride to work was without panniers and i left without the “scaffolding”.
It was easier to take it off at work than at home and take the loose parts.
At home i started stripping the bike.

At work i had some work to be done to the “scaffolding”.
The pannier racks where already on when i bought it and had some aluminium panniers with a lock for the panniers and quick disconnect for the racks. Don’t need the lock hook and also never take the racks off so time for the angle grinder.
Also wanted to use this moment to get rid of the straps for the crashbar bags.
These bags where not meant as crashbar bags but i thought it was the best option after destroying the ones i had before.
Fun Fact, the international sales manager from Mosko Moto did pitched it at Mosko Moto but they didn’t see it but he uses them too (i discussed this with him and send the how-to).

Now that’s ready for sandblasting and when it’s back i can paint it.
It’s still at work but the blasting chamber is in another location. The spray cabin is at my location, very convenient and also nice i can use it whenever i want (only not when it is in use off course).
In de mean time i can work on Ragnarok but that got shifted a few times.
One time was because of a spontaneous TET ride with Jan, a fellow T7 rider i know from the T7 forum.
He lives in Germany near Cologne (Köln). We wanted to ride together for a bit longer but the agenda’s didn’t match before.
I suggested a week later but it supposed to get wet that weekend and this weekend was just great so i caved in and we went to do a new part of the TET NL. He did a part of it earlier but this part didn’t exist yet.
When we came at the point where we both already rode that section we had lunch (thanks for buying Jan) we changed our plans.
He is a beginner rider so we went to a part of my offroad commute to practice a bit to make it a bit more relaxing for him

We had a great day and we will do some more of the TET next year>
Back to Ragnarok.
The biggest job of the whole set is getting to the parts a want to address. You have to take apart halve of the bike and then fiddle some more to get the valve covers off for less than an hour work and then all steps again in the opposite order.
Even if you get on it like a pro it still would take at least a full day and i think even a day and a halve so it’s a huge money saver if you can do it yourself.
Coolant was way too late, it still worked and the bike never got hot but the stuff that came out smelled horrible.

And then there was the matter of painting some parts.
Already had an idea to get a bit more colour on the bike and this was the perfect moment.
Off course it would not be the regular way, it had to fit the bike so orange it is.
Putting orange racks and crashbars on would look silly and too much, my plan was to paint it black and then the inside orange finished with a mat clear coat.
When painting the inside the overspray would make a nice match with the top of the stripe on the tank and fairing.

We got a new mat clear and that didn’t turned as mat as the bike but still a lot more than the pictures show, this was still wet and a little less does give it a little contrast.
Two bolts broke with disassembling so when i fixed those problems i put everything back together with stainless bolts with anti seize but i hope i don’t have to take it apart again.
One part i will and that is the bashplate where one of he bolts broke, that i have to take off for oil changes.
Only thing left is showing the result but it is nothing like walking around it in real life.
Don’t have a picture yet with the panniers back on.

ScanBaltic 2022 episode 7, wrapping up Finland

After a breakfast in the smokey lean to it was time to hit the dirt again.
In the night it seemingly rained a bit but i sleep just great in a forest so i did not hear it, it’s just that the tent was too wet for morning dew.
One side was already dry so i moved him a bit to let the other side dry during breakfast and packing up the rest.
I’m in to the next section for about 50km so it’s gonna be a short ride today.
I was afraid Finland would be quite boring in the “view department” as it is pretty flat and wide open but there is a lot of forest and i guess i’m an allround outdoor person because i love water, mountains and also forests.
So beside having a blast on the trails this also gives me joy…

The weather looks not too good but it’s dry and this day i just had a few drops.
Halve way the day i entered the lake district, not sure if it is called that officially but if you take a look at the map of Finland and look at the southern part in the middle you’ll see what i mean.
It is also the end of the section and this is just another example why i only make sections to keep track of the timeline and most certainly not book too soon because i don’t feel like stopping yet.
Despite riding offroad i managed a good average speed and i don’t feel i miss out on the scenery.
The next section is shorter than what i had left this last section, i will see at what point i’m done today.

Again, or still depending how you see it a lot of offroad. Not that strange because near Paltamo i left the Finnish TET section 1 just to catch up with section 2 at Pitkämäki and follow that with just a few detours down towards Helsinki.
As i mentioned before i don’t have any problems with long days and over here more to the south the days also getting longer resulting in finishing this whole section ending at a campsite in Hankasalmi.

The next day would be the last day in Finland, halve of it still is offroad so lets see what that will bring in this watery part.
‘Not disappointed, more nice tracks and also more Garmin surprises. Yet another non existing track that is perfectly fine to ride.
This time i decided to take a chance, i got more confident with the luggage on and after that water crossing plus it’s not as wet any more.
This is where the track is ending and how it looked when it reappeared…

The last 70-ish km i did main road and even some highway. The alternative was too big of a detour time-wise but way too short to make it an extra day.
It also only was too much for that day because i wanted to get to Helsinki i bit early so i have time to go to Hardrock Café Helsinki.
When i get somewhere and there is a Hardrock Café nearby i will go there.i do like the atmosphere and for a chain they have real good food but also because it’s an philanthropic organisation donating for human well being and preserving the planet.

Because Finland is not cheap and a big city like Helsinki is plain expensive i fist planned to stay somewhere outside Helsinki but when i really started looking for accommodation i found a hostel in town with single or double bed rooms for a good price so i did stay in town.
When you ever get there and you don’t feel like staying in a sleeping dorm you might want to check out Euro Hostel.
When i got there i saw a familiar face greeting me and pointing me to a cheaper parking lot. It was the same Polish guy i met at the waterfall in episode 3 who was staying there also.
I didn’t see him afterwards but in front of the hostel 2 German guys where enjoying some wine. They where travelling on a bike with sidecar.
While we where talking 2 other German approached the hostel on if i remember correctly GS 800’s, Wolfgang and Stephan (somehow i called him Thomas in the video…. Sorry Stephan, i’m bad with names).
By the time i was checked in and had the bike parked it was cheap enough to park the bike across the street and had a drink with the 4 German guys before heading to Hardrock Café

When i got back i booked a spot on the ferry to Tallinn, the same Wolfgang and Stephan would take.
The next episode i go from the “Scan” to the “Baltic” part of the name of this series.

ScanBaltic 2022 episode 6, getting offroad in Finland

Yesterday i had a ride out with the VFROC and today i had to choose between working on Ragnarok or finishing this episode.
For me this episode contains an exciting bit so i chose finishing this episode.
So next week probably will be no new episode to catch up with Ragnarok.

This episode i exchange Norway for Finland and there the real offroad will start.
As a mater of fact, within a kilometre after crossing the border the asphalt disappeared and turned into gravel.

This is why i bought Sporherre, go far away and do this kind of roads and even more extreme but for now i’m already happy with this.

Like i said it was within a kilometre, i crossed the border which was quite traditional on a bridge over a river and took a right turn to find this after a few bends.
This continued for almost 100km and where i thought the sliding and drifting would be out of the question with the full luggage i was wrong.
You can see the nice compacted tracks but in corners the cars who create those compact lines take to much different lines and after 40 to 50km i learned the best way to take those corners. It was either slow and wobbly or the fun way.
Guess what? The luggage was not in the way after all and i wonder how long it will take from getting used to it to getting comfortable with it.

Besides the fact i’m finally hitting dirt over large distances the first day was not too exciting. Don’t get me wrong because i had a blast and even roads that are not shown as dirt/gravel did turn out to be unpaved so i did more offroad than expected that day.
It was also beautiful for me just not spectacular to share. This day was a big distance of 535km with not much variation.
It was rivers, lakes and forests with alternating asphalt and gravel with not much traffic.
Not much to write about or show.
I like meeting new people and learn about other places but i also really like being by myself.

This day ended in a somewhat bigger town, Rovaniemi.
The weather was better but still rainy and in Rovaniemi i found a cheap apartment close to the city centre where i ended up in Paha Kurki Rockhouse, some rock café after i had a bite to eat.
Had some beers and a nice conversation, another great end of an also great day.

The next day i was about to meat up with the TET and because Finland has a lot of gravel main roads most of it was accepted by Garmin in the route.
Garmin works just fine with tracks but they don’t give spoken directions and i like that so i can enjoy the views more instead of looking at the GPS to see if i’m still on course.
I so have the tracks loaded so i can choose to follow the unroutable track when i feel for it but like i said that was not really necessary in Finland.
This day i had one small bit and i was not comfortable taking that track. It was a track through the forest and it looked like it was not used for a very long time.

It was still a good 200km to get to the offroad section of this part but from there it was mostly offroad and also a bit rougher.
The point where it got too rough and i kept following the route Garmin accepted i ended up at a closed road. It turned out to be a private road what probably was the reason for the part through the forest so i had to turn around and find a different route.
Easily found with a bit offroad and then a paved road to get back at the route i planned.
At that point my road was supposed to come from the right and the TET came from straight ahead.
The TET is not officially directional but i went in the opposite direction as the TET track is marked and i might have found a possible reason the forest section looked like it was not used too much.
This is what i found a few kilometres after turning left back on to the track….

If you follow the given direction you first get to the road closing rocks so maybe most people turn around to find a way around.
I first came at the watercrossing and i really wanted to do one, it’s a bit of a thing for adventure riders i think as it is often highlighted in reports. It was for me but i was hoping for a more level one with firmer ground for my first one but you have to watch the video to see if that loose ground and height difference plus the doubtful bridge after that (i did check it out as i could see another obstacle ahead) made me turn around or not.

Not long after that point i was planning on staying the night at a lean-to (open hut) marked in the TET track. This are cabins in the forests mainly as a refuge in the harsh winters when you get lost hunting or when logging i guess.
They are free to use and there are apps available to locate them.
The one i was aiming for didn’t exist (any more), i even walked down a track that might lead to it but was not looking like it and i didn’t want to gamble riding into it what turned out to be a wise choice.
New challenge, finding another place to sleep and it is not going to be a hotel or campsite because i’m in the middle of nowhere.
My eyes where open for a good spot for a tent or another lean-to and after skipping the first one that was at a big lake with a beach that obvious was popular with the locals i also skipped some suitable places for a tent.
The surface in Finland offers more possibility’s for a tent but i just didn’t liked the spots but i did end up at a lean-to hut.

You see a smaller building on the right which is a woodshed and behind that in the middle is an outhouse.
In the lean-to is a fire-bowl and benches all around but i did sleep in the tent.
Because of the fire-bowl which is used a lot the cabin smells like a camp fire, great for making my food as the mosquito’s don’t like that and these blood suckers are big and abundanced over here but sleeping there would leave me smelling for days.
Again i’m a good chunk into the next day but a nice day it was.

Busy times

I started editing episode 6 but there is just too much going on at the moment.
I have people taking over the tasks for the VFR club and now also for the Christmas Truckrun which will be held after 2 years discontinuation due to Covid.
For the VFROC it’s time for the 2023 preparation that has to be finished before the second halve of November and the CTR also is taking up a lot of time.

Another thing is the big maintenance Ragnarok needs and that also is not be done by leprechauns.
Last week i already washed him and drained the oil but it also needs new spark-plugs, coolant and a valve clearance check.
Another thing i did last week removing the crashbars and pannier racks. They are going to be repainted with a little special effect and now i could do some changes too.
Today i started taking Ragnarok apart to be able to remove the valve covers and that’s not an easy task with the Crosstourer. I think Honda hates his mechanics.

Hopefully i will find some time to continue but i have time, he has to be ready and tested before 17 December but i hope i have him finished a lot sooner because the panniers are a lot more convenient for grocery’s.
In the mean time i also try to get episode 6 finished up.

ScanBaltic 2022 episode 5, Reaching the North Cape

This time we cover a couple of days because the rain caught me after all and there was less filming due to that.
I was almost halve way of the next day before i finally found the camp spot so let’s see where the first day gets me.
The day started good, i forget to turn on the headset and missed the first turn and the nice tracks i found lead nowhere so i had to turn around.
It started grey but dry and that would not last long, the GoPro was taken down and the rain gear put on.
I got off the main road here and there to take the nicer small roads. Like the whole trip great views but now it was more open space with hills instead of mountains.
Near the end of this days ride i reached the Arctic Circle.

I made the same mistake as yesterday by starting too late with looking for a campsite, if you can call it a mistake. After all how should i know what’s coming or better said what’s not coming.
This time i also bought food at some supermarket and the search was on. The first spot was taken, the second also and i don’t like sharing a wild camp and certainly not with a camper. Then i saw some track into the woods but it faded soon without a suitable surface for a tent. I didn’t want to risk anything so i turned around.
I already passed a place where they had cabins but too expensive.
One more possibility bud sadly the flat surface was on a slope and nothing else to do than just keep going until i found something.
There where little side roads and it was most likely that the whole area looked the same, no logic in getting off track and out of the way.
Luckily it didn’t took as long this time to get to a campsite. It was badly managed and a lot of people parked their cars on the campground without being told it was not allowed, cars should be in the parking lot.
Because of this there was no place other than a little spot behind the reception. I was afraid i wouldn’t find another place so i negotiated a small price for that spot.
It started raining again… not that it really ended… and that’s the one and also biggest drawback of a small tent. Cooking is a challenge.

Next day, new challenge!
Goal for today is to get on the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes and the reason this is a challenge is because it might be the same as in Lyssebotn.
The ride was okay but after the fjords and glacier not spectacular and the only thing worth mentioning is my first reindeer encounter.

At one point i thought there was a mistake in the track, it went left to come back so i just went right. Not long after that i remembered i did that to go see the biggest current in Europe but with this weather it seemed not worth turning around and i’d rather get at the ferry a bit sooner to see if i could get on.

There where some other bikers, a German guy who couldn’t get on the previous ferry waiting if he could get on the next and a Swiss guy name Mirko whit whom i spend the wait and the time on the ferry.

This also answered the question if i made it on to the ferry.
After the ferry ride we went out own way but had some Whatsapp contact since then.

Off the ferry i first took a left turn off track to go see the town with the shortest name en then back to continue the ride with again an unknown ending place.
The end turned out at a campsite with lot’s of space and i found spot where i could use a tarp as extra cover and a place to sit in my chair.
I didn’t spent much of it because a German couple invited me in their cabin for a beer and a dry warm place, that are things that happen when you travel alone and why i like to travel this way.

The next day i planned a detour to Andenes to take the ferry to Gryllefjord on the island Senja. That was a tip from my first meeting in Norway and since i have time enough i wanted to follow up on it.
The weather however was still/again bad and the visibility was so poor it didn’t made sense to spent time and money on a detour when everything is shrouded in clouds, mist and rain so i stayed on the original route.

From the Lofoten islands it was mountainous again, only sad it kept raining and halve way to Alta it was the first time in days i spotted a little sun on the Kvænangsfjellet.

The sun was just around the corner, you get to see it in the video.
This time i found a wild camp spot in iOverlander but here i first encountered the Mosquitoes everybody was talking about. I planned on buying the good stuff in Norway but didn’t get to it before the first night and also didn’t see any just like the nights after that so never thought about it again until now.
Moved on to a campsite near Bognelv with more open space, they still where there but manageable. The next day i bought some repellent.

It was also dry enough to wash my base layer and hang t to dry but in the night i had to get out to get it just in time as it started to rain again.

Next on the list is the turning point, North Cape.
I knew it would be a long boring ride from Alta so there is not much to tell about the trip, boring and rainy.

The first picture is taken at the crossroads where left is a road to actually nowhere. Yes it goes to the North Cape but not further so you have to ride 128km which is about 2 hours and then you have to come back.
From my Camp to this point it was 175km, then 128 and back plus another 90km to the next campsite.
The North Cape is pure robbery, the parking is free and there is also a toilet but if you want a coffee and/or a snack you have to buy a ticket to the main building where also the museum is situated. Entrance fee is about €31 so if you just want a coffee and maybe a sandwich just like me it will be a very expensive lunch as the cost of that lunch will be added to that.
That was just too much so i walked up to the monuments for some pictures taken by a friendly Dutch couple (yes, the Dutch are everywhere) without even taking off my helmet and turned around.
Initially i wasn’t even thinking of going to the North Cape and this anticlimax was a real bummer but i’ve been to the South Cape (Cape of good hope) so it’s not a regret.
I could have just turned right in Olderfjord but even if i knew that it turned out this way i would have regretted it if i skipped it being this close just because it is actually just plain stupid to go if you don’t see anything at all.
For me getting somewhere is more the goal than being there, a lot of times i go to a place just to take a picture and leave again.
At the end of this day in Skoganvarre i chose a cabin and treated myself with a beer at €9,80 for a 0,5ltr can…. and i thought €2,20 for 0,33cl in the supermarket was expensive.
Next episode will be also the next country as it is just a 50 minute ride to the border with Finland.
Until the next ride….

ScanBaltic 2022, first wildcamp

When i set up camp at the end of last video’s day i recorded an ending and show a little bout how i camp.
The video from Episode 4 would be too long when i added this so here it is as a little bonus video.
Still not very comfortable on camera but i think it slowly gets a bit smoother.
It’s not very spectacular but i hope you still like it.

ScanBaltic 2022 episode 4, Crossing winterwonderland

After an evening with a beautiful view and meeting new people at a small campsite just a view kilometres back down the road from my visit to the glacier it was time to continue the trip.
I was already some kilometres in the trip for this day and i was happy i did.
The people at the glacier site could be counted on one hand and the campsite i ended up was just a stunning place.

That was in the evening when it was nice and sunny but today it’s a bit grey and rain is forecasted, just hope it stays away as long as possible.
Remember the tip form the Dutch lady at the fist campsite? Not long after i started this day on the twisty 15 in a 180 left turn i saw a road sign with the number 285… wait a minute, that was the road!
On the left side was a place i could stop to check it out.
It was the number i was told and it was going east where my route was going north-west but it ended on a main road leading back to my route.
I also am ahead so no reason to make a little detour let me missing out on a possible epic road.

This is exactly why i don’t want to plan too tight and have a route only as a baseline.
Off course it has to be a nice route because without these kind of tips it will be the one to follow when you have a limited time frame.
But it turned out to be the road i saw pictures of and could not find. This is also a benefit of travelling alone because that conversation probably would not have gone like it went now.

The road went to some kind of gravel but it was very compacted almost like concrete, i was “warned” for that only it was just what i wanted so it was a bonus.
Now it’s back to the 15 but not long after i left the 15 to chase the 285 my route would take a left turn onto the 63 but i only have to backtrack the 15 for about 12km.
Next on the list is Geiranger.

That’s why i wanted to start my trip with the Michelin Anakee Wild, i knew they will also do very well on the paved twisties and in the wet too.
Down at the harbour i had a lunch and when i was ready to continue it started to rain like it was forcasted. Shame but i think with the reputation of the Norwegian weather i think i’m lucky i had done most of the fjords in dry and even sunny conditions.

Still one big name to go, Trollstigen.
This conditions remind me to last year on the Transfagarasan, light rain after some heavier rain and just over the top starting to dry up again.
Luckily i’m cautious in rain but not nervous so i still can enjoy the riding in these conditions.
In the video you have to do with the handlebar cam because it didn’t fall down very hard but the spray still made the helmet cam useless.

Still have a two and a halve hour ride to the Storseisundbrua on the Atlantic highway but that was not as spectacular as the pictures show.
It was a bit of a disappointment and there will be a few more this trip, the weather is a big reason for them all and that’s just fine.
People nowadays can’t handle disappointments very well any more but they are very important because how can you appreciate good things when there are no bad things?

“Plan” (end of the section) was a campsite in Dalen gård near Kristiansund (no not Kristiansand where i started in Norway) but i didn’t felt like stopping yet.
At the point i said to myself i will stop in about halve an hour i saw a place with descent priced cabins but i set my mind on wild camping.
Also spotted some possibilities for that but wanted to go one just a little bit…. big mistake.
Just after passing the last options the scenery changed drastic and flat spots to pitch a tent disappeared.
All was rocky with moss or just rough with maybe some flat spots hidden under very high grass.
About an hour after planning to stop i would settle with a campsite or any other place to spend the night like i passed the whole trip maybe every hour but this was a some dead spot i guess. Probably no strangers go there so no B&B’s needed because Maps.me, Booking.com and iOverlander also had no options for me.

Two hours after i wanted to stop i finally found a nice spot.
Now i could set up camp and have a bite to eat with a beer with a lakeside view.

Later this week i will make a little post with the video i shot at this camp, it was the ending of the day but i also wanted to give a bit of inside view about how i camp.
It was a bit awkward to cut it up but too long to add to the video for this episode.


Small update

No long story this weekend and here’s why.
Last weekend i had a great weekend at Discover Overland, didn’t took much pictures and only a few short clips filmed with the phone but when i have a little time i tell you all about it.

This weekend is also fully booked so also no time to do some editing.
Friday evening after work i have to go to a traffic control deployment, Saturday i go to the north of the country because we (the VFR club) finally found somebody to take over my “job” as the event coordinator and we start the transfer.
I stop at the end of the year and we finish the rest of the year together to give him the best start i can unlike how i got into this function.

Sunday it’s also for the VFROC because we have the seventh tour out of nine, also up north (even further) so i booked a B&B to safe myself over 600km and a short night.
Of course i have to get back after the ride leaving me no time for a blog.

Also took a quick glance at the “critical skills” list for South Africa and there is some official language i have to figure out the proper meaning but there seem to be options.
If i’m correct i have to find a job with a function that’s on the list and then i can proof i have work that should allow me a work permit.
Shouldn’t be that hard otherwise the skill wouldn’t be critical according to my logic.
The challenge ahead of me is to get things my way giving me 4 to 5 months to ride down there and also find that job in a region i like to live.
I keep you updated because there is more i want to explore to get as close to my initial plans as possible.